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Community Outreach

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Outreach involves providing trauma center expertise, information, and leadership to institutions, agencies, and individuals within a region for the purpose of improving the care of injured patients. A good outreach program allows the trauma center to serve as a regional resource for the benefit of patients and providers. The goals of an outreach program are as follows:

  • To improve regional outcomes of major trauma by the dissemination of knowledge and expertise regarding the care of injured patients.
  • To participate with regional agencies, organizations, and providers in improving the regional trauma care system.
  • To facilitate access to trauma center resources (such as educational and/or prevention programs, performance improvement, consultation, and referrals).
  • To support educational programs of regional facilities and trauma health care personnel.
  • To advocate at a local and regional level for legislative efforts aimed at trauma prevention. 

For all questions about community outreach, please call (718)-818-2942