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Pediatric Surgery

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Pediatric Surgery in Staten Island, NY

Brian Gilchrist, M.D., Division Chief

Whether surgery is needed due to a sudden injury or long-term illness, Richmond University Medical Center ensures the child’s quality of life is top of mind. Learn more about pediatric surgery and the procedures we provide in Staten Island, New York.

Surgeon checking on child patient after operation

What Is Pediatric Surgery?

Pediatric surgery is any surgery performed on a child. This can include children anywhere from infancy to adolescence. In some cases, young adults can also receive pediatric treatment. Pediatricians are essential to the development and growth of children. Not only do they provide a smooth transition between pediatric care and adult care, but they also ensure children are healthy and growing at a typical rate.

Pediatricians are also responsible for detecting potential health issues in children before they can worsen. Because children typically have plenty of energy and strength when it comes to healing, addressing health concerns early can help them enjoy a higher quality of life into adulthood.

Pediatric Conditions Treated by Surgery

While many conditions can arise in adulthood, children commonly experience medical problems that require surgical intervention, including:


Appendicitis is a condition that causes the appendix to become inflamed. The appendix can enlarge for a variety of reasons, but the most common is an existing infection or condition in the digestive tract or large intestine. When a child has appendicitis, they can experience painful symptoms in the stomach, along with a fever and vomiting.

Umbilical Hernias

Umbilical hernias are a common condition that affects newborns. It is when the belly button does not close correctly after the umbilical cord falls. In many cases, umbilical hernias can heal themselves over time. However, if the child is experiencing debilitating symptoms, surgery may be required.

Brain Tumors

Brain tumors can arise in children of any age. When they occur, it’s essential to get the right treatment early. This is because brain tumors can cause serious, permanent damage to essential brain functions if not treated properly. Receiving an early diagnosis can allow the child to heal efficiently.

Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect in newborns. It causes changes to the heart that impact how it functions and operates. When a baby is diagnosed with congenital heart disease, seeking treatment can help them live a healthy life.

Pediatric Procedures We Offer

Richmond University Medical Center has the experience and knowledge to perform a variety of pediatric surgeries, including:

Emergency Surgery

Medical emergencies can arise when families least expect them to. By offering emergency surgery services, pediatric patients can access the treatment needed to heal. Appendicitis is a common condition in children that requires emergency surgery. This is because when the appendix becomes infected, it has a risk of bursting and causing problematic symptoms. Children can receive emergency services for appendicitis and other conditions at Richmond University Medical Center.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Offering ways to complete surgery with minimal scarring can be optimal for most parents. This is especially true when operating on young children. Depending on the patient’s condition, surgeries can be performed using minimally invasive methods. For example, certain brain tumors can be removed through natural body crevices, like the nostrils. This way, children do not have a permanent scar and can recover faster.

Cardiac Surgery

The team at Richmond University Medical Center can also perform cardiac procedures on pediatric patients. If a patient is born with a heart condition, such as congenital heart disease, surgery may be an efficient solution. Parents can rely on an experienced and certified team of surgeons to complete cardiac surgeries with skill and compassion.

Seek Treatment at Richmond University Medical Center

Parents and guardians on Staten Island can trust our medical team with the care and treatment of their children. We offer a variety of treatments, including surgeries, to make healthcare accessible in the community. With a professional staff that ensures quality care through compassionate and transparent services, children can receive the necessary treatment for their conditions. To learn more about pediatric surgery and other services we provide, contact us today.

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