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Richmond University Medical Center recognizes that there are times when patients in need of care will have difficulty paying for the services provided.  Richmond University Medical Center’s Financial Assistance Program provides discounts to qualifying individuals based on your income.  In addition, we can help you apply for free or low-cost insurance if you qualify.  Just contact our Financial Counselor at (718)-818-2289 or (718)-818-2330 or go to the Financial Assistance office for free, confidential assistance.

Who qualifies for a discount?

Financial Assistance is available for patients with limited incomes, who either have no health insurance or who have a balance remaining after their health insurance has paid and do not have adequate financial resources to pay for necessary medical care.

Everyone in New York State who needs emergency services can receive care and get a discount if they meet the income limits.

Everyone who lives in Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond counties can get a discount on emergency, medically necessary services at Richmond University Medical Center if they meet the income limits.  You cannot be denied medically necessary care because you need financial assistance.

You may apply for a discount regardless of immigration status.

What are the income limits?

The amount of the discount varies based on your income and the size of your family.  If you have no health insurance or have a balance after your health insurance has paid, these are the income limits:


For family units with more than eight family members add $5,380 for each additional member.  * Based on the 2024 Federal Poverty Guidelines. Eligibility will be conditional on a person applying for local, state, federal or other third party assistance or insurance.

What if I do not meet the income limits?

If you cannot pay your bill, Richmond University Medical Center offers a payment plan to those patients that meet the income limits.  The amount you pay depends on the amount of your income.  Special consideration will be given to patients with extenuating circumstances.  Requests for Financial Assistance, including payment plans, may be made in Patient Access, Financial Counseling, Social Services, Clinics and/or the Central Business Office. 

Can someone explain the discount?  Can someone help me apply?

Yes, free, confidential help is available.  Call our Financial Assistance Office at (718)-818-2289 or (718)-818-2330.

If you do not speak English, someone will help you in your own language.

The Financial Counselor can tell you if you qualify for free or low-cost insurance, such as Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus.

If the Financial Counselor finds that you don’t qualify for low-cost insurance, they will help you apply for a discount.

The Counselor will help you fill out all forms and tell you what documents you need to bring.

What do I need to apply for a discount?

The FAP and application may be obtained from the hospital website, by mail, or in person at the Financial Assistance Office. Complete the application, include all requested documents, and submit it to the Financial Assistance Office or by mail to the address listed on the application.

In order to apply for the discount you will need to provide proof of identification, residency, income, assets and marriage, if applicable.  Please do not mail original documents.  Some acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, state identification card, passport, military identification card or permanent resident card. 

For proof of residency, patients may submit copies of mail addressed to the patient or guarantor, such as utility or telephone bills. 

Proof of income includes paycheck stubs, receipts from self-employment and regular pay stubs showing payments from public assistance, such as Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, Veterans’ Benefits, Unemployment Benefits, etc. 

Our Financial Counselor will inform you of any additional documentation that may be required. 

What services are covered?

The Financial Assistance Policy (FAP) covers emergency and medically necessary services provided to uninsured or underinsured patients at Richmond University Medical Center. Assistance for underinsured patients is meant to address gaps in coverage and does not cover co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance for insured patients. The policy also does NOT cover: cosmetic procedures; charges resulting from procedures that are not covered by third-party insurance due to patient’s failure to follow insurance payer guidelines where a patient knowingly received services in a non-contracted hospital; motor vehicle accidents where third-party liability is pursued for payment of hospital expenses; and other services as determined by the Hospital.

Charges from private doctors who provide services in the hospital may not be covered.  You should talk to private doctors to see if they offer a discount or payment plan.

How much do I have to pay?

Your responsibility will be determined primarily based upon your income and family size as well as related expenses.

Our Financial Counselor will give you details about your specific discount(s) once your application is processed.

How do I get the discount?

You have to fill out the application form.  As soon as we have proof of your income, we can process your application for a discount according to your income level.

You can apply for a discount before you have an appointment, when you come to the hospital to get care, or when the bill comes in the mail.

Send the completed form to Richmond University Medical Center or bring it to Our Financial Assistance Office.  You have up to 90 days after receiving services to submit the application.

How will I know if I was approved for the discount?

Richmond University Medical Center will send you a letter within 30 days after completion and submission of documentation, telling you if you have been approved and the level of discount received.

What if I receive a bill while I’m waiting to hear if I can get a discount?

You cannot be required to pay a hospital bill while your application for a discount is being considered.  If your application is turned down, the hospital must tell you why in writing and must provide you with a way to appeal this decision to a higher level within the hospital.

What if I have a problem I cannot resolve with the hospital?

You may call the New York State Department of Health complaint hotline at (800)-804-5447.