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Trauma is the leading killer of patients under age 44.  Trauma Services involves the detailed assessment and care of injured patients.  Richmond University Medical Center is a NY State Level I Adult and Level II Pediatric Trauma Center, which is the highest designation given for Trauma Centers.  We provide leadership in the area of Trauma Care by actively studying and implementing change in the system based processes in the care of injured patients.  Our Trauma service section has presented our findings regarding cutting edge care of Trauma patients at both National and International Scientific meetings.  We have Attending Trauma physicians present on site 24/7/365 to care for injured patients.  We also have board certified subspecialists available in the areas of Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Anesthesia and Plastic Surgery to help care for our injured patients.  Our Trauma Service also provides the cutting edge Intensive Care for injured as well as surgical patients.  We have put together evidence based pathways to improve the care of patients with hip fractures as well as patients suffering from falls related to syncope.  Evidence based medical care is consistently provided for our injured patients at RUMC.  Quality Improvement is part of the fabric of the care we provide our injured patients.  In this way, we are constantly striving to provide the best care for our injured patients.

Akella Chendrasekhar MD, FACS 
Trauma Medical Director

Vladimir Rubinshteyn MD, FACS
Pediatric Trauma Medical Director

Daniel Genovese-Scullin BA, RN, MSN
Director of Trauma Services

Marisa Easop BPH, EMT-B
Performance Improvement Coordinator

Suchitra Nemani
Senior Trauma Data Analyst

David DiPietro 
Trauma Data Analyst

Humroy Mendez
Trauma Data Analyst

Kristin Parham
Remote Trauma Data Analyst

Dave Briscoe AEMT-CC
Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator