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Why Join RUMC

Come to RUMC, where you can become part of an environment that values and rewards what you do. We are a team, working for the health and wellbeing of Staten Island.

We are dedicated to making a difference in our community, because we are part of that community. Most of us live here on Staten Island, and our families come to RUMC for their health care needs. In every way, we are a community-based organization, delivering customer-service-driven health care to our neighbors.

Here, career-minded individuals soon find that team spirit, talent and dedication are recognized and rewarded. We value our employees, and we rely on their expertise. You’ll work side-by-side with an accomplished team of professionals who are focused on success. Your contributions will be welcomed and your input valued. You will make a difference.

Maybe you are seeking a position in patient care or accounting; perhaps you’re looking at administrative, technical or service openings. No matter what your area of expertise, we offer opportunities for achievement and training, so you can continue to develop your skills and realize your potential. We are committed to our employees, and we want to grow and succeed together.

At every position, we are looking for people who bring excellence in their skill sets and are able to meet or exceed all clinical standards. We want every employee to demonstrate a strong understanding of customer service and the compassion required in a clinical setting. And we want them to understand our primary focus on patient care, so that the technical expertise they bring to RUMC goes toward making every patient’s experience and outcome the best it can be.

We are an equal opportunity employer, fostering diversity in the workplace. We offer highly competitive compensation packages to attract and retain highly skilled professionals.

Employment Non-Discrimination Statement:  Richmond University Medical Center is committed to equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment and provides full and equal employment opportunities to all employees and potential employees without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions and needs including lactation accommodations, physical or mental disability, age, immigration or citizenship status, veteran or active military status, genetic information, or any other legally protected status.

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