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Richmond University Medical Center is a leading medical facility located in the heart of Staten Island, NY. In our department of rehabilitation medicine, a team of dedicated practitioners specialize in improving the abilities and livelihoods of patients. Together, therapists and patients work to achieve incremental goals on the way to successful rehabilitation. Our experts include leading practitioners of occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and physiatrists.

The outpatient services are located at 288 Kissel Avenue (next to the Employee Parking lot on the RUMC Campus)


Physiatrists can combine elements of physical therapy and occupational therapy in a comprehensive, non-surgical approach to treating muscle or skeletal damage. A physiatrist is a specialized medical doctor (MD) who works to diagnose physical injuries. Physiatrists often coordinate a treatment program and direct a team of specialists to implement a multi-phase plan of effective therapies.Out-patient physical medicine and rehabilitation services are offered by a licensed rehabilitation physician in our state-of-the-art Rehab Center. Following your evaluation with the physician a comprehensive treatment program (e.g. PT, OT, and/or SLP) will be created to assist you in achieving your individualized goals. Pain management services, prosthetic and orthotic prescriptions, joint injections or drainage, trigger point injections, and/or Botox injections may also be provided by the physician. Out-patient EMG (electromyography) services are also offered between the hours of 9:00a -12:00p. on Tuesday. Your physician may request you have an EMG if you are showing a problem with the way your nerves or muscles function. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on helping people overcome physical conditions that limit their mobility and ability to stay active. Physical therapists examine individuals and develop a plan that might involve fitness programs or wellness-oriented programs to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. Through these techniques, patients can recover from disease or injury and regain optimal physical function.

Inpatient physical therapy is performed at the bedside for all age groups including the NICU. *Services are provided seven days a week as determined by the Physical Therapist. Patients are evaluated within 24 hours of the Physician’s referral. Outpatient physical therapy is for individuals with neuromuscular impairment, musculoskeletal dysfunction, and spinal disorders that may have been caused by stroke, joint replacement, and/or tendon/soft tissue reconstruction. Therapy includes exercise movement, restorative activities, and treatment for pain. Our Physical Therapists work as members of the COPD Team developing and implementing individualized therapy plans in conjunction with each patients Respiratory Therapist and Pulmonologist in order to carry out the prescribed treatment in our state-of-the-art out-patient rehabilitation center. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a branch of care that focuses on the achieving mobility in everyday activities. Occupational therapists work with people recovering from strokes and surgeries, as well as the elderly and people with developmental disorders such as autism. By focusing on daily tasks like self-care, work-related physical functions, and leisure activities, occupational therapy seeks to provide rehabilitation that give patients the tools to manage their own lives.

Inpatient occupational therapy is provided at bedside for all age groups including the NICU. Patients are evaluated within 72 hours of the Physician’s referral. Out-patient occupational therapy is provided for individuals with musculoskeletal and/or neuromuscular dysfunction as well as various upper extremity injuries or weaknesses. The goal of occupational therapy is to improve strength, balance, and fine motor coordination to restore independence and function during activities of daily living (e.g. dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming) provided in our state-of-the-art out-patient rehabilitation center.

Speech-Language Pathology

The speech-language pathology specialists at Richmond University Medical Center are dedicated to providing quality adult and pediatric care for patients with speech, language, voice, and swallowing disorders. Our speech-language pathologists hold Certificates of Clinical Competence from the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association. We offer both outpatient and inpatient services for those seeking to overcome communication and swallowing disorders.

Inpatient speech-language pathology services are performed at the bedside for adults and geriatrics. Patients are evaluated within 72 hours of the Physician’s referral. The speech-language pathologists demonstrate specialization in working with patients who present with disorders of swallowing and breathing and patients who may require tracheostomy breathing tubes and even ventilator breathing assistance. Outpatient speech-language pathology services are provided for individuals of all ages. Children with speech, language, and/or feeding issues as well as adults with communication, voice, and/or swallowing disorders are evaluated and treated in our state-of-the-art out-patient rehabilitation center.

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