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Physician Assistants

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Staten Island, NY Physician Assistants

Physician assistants (PA) are vital members of the Surgical Services Team. While most PAs have the clinical skills to rotate in all areas, the medical center employs physician assistants for general care, critical care and subspecialty care.

  • Generalist: These PAs are utilized to provide support to surgeons and surgical residents. While often in the operating room, they are intimately involved with pre-surgical patient preparation and postoperative care of patients.
  • Critical Care: Our Surgical Intensive Care Unit is covered by PAs and surgical residents. They continue the individualized plan of care for postsurgical patients during the critical hours immediately following surgery.
  • Subspecialty Care: These subspecialists are cross-trained in a variety of subspecialties, including ENT, neurosurgery, orthopedics, plastics and urology services. They support the team of surgeons, provide consults and unit coverage, and respond to the needs of the Emergency Department.

Most physician assistants are board-certified.