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Mark C

February 22, 2023

I have never wrote a review before, but I felt compelled to write this one. One week ago I arrived at RUMC with health issues. I must say I was greeted the moment I stepped in the door. I was quickly registered and in triage in a matter of moments. Keep in mind this was the morning after the super bowl so I figured I would be sitting for hours…LOL. From there to a room much quicker than anticipated. I cannot thank everyone enough from the housekeeping unit to all the doctors that work so hard. I also really want to thank all the nurses and staff on the fourth floor. They are second to no one. As busy as they are they managed to care for my every need and somehow make me feel like I was their only patient as busy as they are. Thank you again for professionalism!

Robert Currie

February 15, 2023

I went into the new emergency department and had a great experience. From the valet parking to the triage nurses, it was unbelievable. The new facility is state of the art and the nurses are great! It’s about time Staten Island has a great hospital like this! I drove from across the island… I’m glad I did! Great job RUMC!

Carina DeGiulio

February 1, 2023

Four years ago I had to have orthopedic surgery. Dr. (Mark) Brandon was the surgeon on for that weekend. If it wasn’t for that careful and excellent surgery, I wouldn’t be walking so well today. The nurses also gave me excellent care along with the medical residents and all the other staff. The nurses and doctors are different, by that I mean kinder and more attentive to each patient. I know this to be true because I experienced it first hand.

-Carina DeGiulio

Carina DeGiulio

February 1, 2023

Dr. Michael Lacqua is a wonderful plastic surgeon, wound specialist and hand plastic surgeon. You will not get better care, service or outcomes anywhere else. 

-Carina DeGiulio

Anastasia Capobianco

January 17, 2023

I would like to say thank you to the amazing nurses at RUMC. I watched with my own eyes nurses save lives. Just imagine that someone who you don’t know does everything in their power to save your life? My mom had a very serious surgery a few days ago. Everyone was so attentive, so nice, so kind and understanding. I am forever grateful to the amazing nurses who selflessly help others. Thank you to Jean, Dawn, Mary, Lucy, Nicole and many more who I didn’t meet personally. You are amazing!


October 20, 2021

I am writing to give you a truly heartfelt thank you for your haste and efficiency during my delivery. I had given birth to my other children naturally and had no idea what to expect going into surgery. However, the staff tended to me and my son quickly and did their best to ensure a speedy recovery for us.


October 15, 2021

To Nurse Jeanine,

A big THANK YOU for the care and encouragement this weekend as we brought our daughter into this world. I could NOT have done it without you. You will be part of her story when I tell her of her arrival. 

A very, very, grateful first time mom.


October 13, 2021

I had the pleasure to be a patient at RUMC  during my labor and delivery and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there; I am writing to show my gratitude and appreciation for the whole stuff that was attending me, the housekeeping department as well and especially the housekeeper Lejla Bilali, who was not only keeping my room clean and spotless, but also did I wonderful job on fulfilling all my needs as a patient, she was just around the corner when I needed her. A staff member with wonderful communication skills that always made me feel warm and welcomed every time she  was doing her job or when she offered her help. I am enormously grateful that I had the chance to meet such hardworking staff member that made my postpartum stay there much more easy and happy. 

Gomez Family

September 15, 2021

Thank you for helping us welcome our sweet baby boy into this world.

Baby Saint Romeo Gomez, Mom and Dad

Sarah S

September 9, 2021

Good Day, I am writing this email  to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the staff of the SICU, specifically RN’s  Veronica and Jimmy.  They were extremely professional  taking care of my husband during his stay in the SICU. They took their time to answer any questions that I had whether in person or via the phone.   On one day in particular,when Jay was having increased difficulty with his breathing, Veronica was attentive and advocated for him.  Her actions prevented him from having to be intubated.  

Being an  RN myself, I appreciated their knowledge and expertise during his stay there.  

You consider yourselves lucky to have these nurses on your staff.  

Thank you with deep appreciation.


September 4, 2021

Thank you to everyone who helped bring my son safely into the world!

Love, John, Ashley, Enzo, and Baby Sebastian

Torrey Berkheimer

September 3, 2021

I’m so grateful that after at least 14 urologists, Dr. Motta diagnosed the problem and actually gave me the correct medication. I couldn’t be more grateful for their staff. They have helped me so much.

Kaileen Gaul

September 2, 2021

I had a fantastic experience at Richmond University Medical Center. The staff was friendly and attentive and I’m really grateful to them. Also, I highly recommend Dr. Kuczabski. He was extremely empathetic to my unique situation and worked to book my procedure as soon as possible. He was helpful throughout every step and answered all of my questions, and I had a lot! Also, my scar will be smaller than I ever thought possible.

Toni, Julia, Jeff, and new baby Isabella

September 1, 2021

To Nurse Kristen Volpe,

Thank you so much for your care and support during my labor. You were so calming and wonderful. I was so happy you were there for me!

Francesca C

August 24, 2021

I am writing to inform you of the wonderful care I received from your staff. I gave birth on a Wednesday. During the two days that followed, the nursing staff in the maternity unit was very knowledgeable, compassionate and polite.

Deniz Arslan-Aguilera was exceptionally magnificent. As a single mother and first time mother, I struggled during my stay at the hospital. Her care, intelligence and assistance helped me significantly. She answered all of my questions and concerns regarding my son’s well being along with any concerns I had regarding my own health.There are people who do their job well and then there are those who go the extra mile. Mrs. Arslan- Aguilera is one of those altruistic people that constitutes everything a nurse should be.  I will continue to share my positive experience with the hospital and its staff. 

Thank You for training your staff well and facilitating a safe and thorough hospital stay. 

Rachel R.

August 23, 2021

I am writing to let you know that I had a wonderful experience with the nurses during the birth of my child, specifically Fanya Ballow, who was the daytime nurse during my hospital stay. It was a very scary experience but having Fanya as my nurse made me feel as though I was in very good hands. She was very thorough and answered any questions I had. She was friendly and warm and I feel very fortunate to have had her taking care of me.

I would also like to say that Angela Settepani went above and beyond during my labor to keep myself and baby safe.
Thank you to Fanya Ballow and the staff at RUMC who made my birthing experience so positive.

The Fishers’

August 11, 2021

To all the nurses of Morgan & Nicholas Fisher,
Thank you for all of the help and support given to our family. We truly appreciate everything you have done. Please enjoy the chocolates as a small token of our appreciation.

The Fishers’ (Morgan, Adam, & Nicholas)


August 1, 2021

Kudos to the staff of Richmond University Medical Center! My mother has been in and out of RUMC some 12 times in the past three years. The treatment by the entire staff at RUMC has been the most professional and caring. While I cannot remember everyone’s name in the emergency department and ICU, I would like to mention PA Derek Rias who has not only offered care above and beyond, but has become a family member. I would also like to mention Mike Push who always made sure my mom received the breakfast that I dropped off the night before during the height of COVID. Most recently medical student Mannish, RN Melody, and especially Dr. Scott all provided an environment where my mom felt safe and well cared for. The ED can be frightening, especially for an 88-year-old. These individuals were never too busy to offer advice, provide compassion, and show kindness to my mom and me. Again, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to the entire staff at RUMC. Your drive and dedication on behalf of the residents of Staten Island are truly noted and deeply appreciated.


July 26, 2021

I had surgery last week and received excellent care from the nursing staff. It really is one of the greatest hospitals in Staten Island. I was very happy. The hospital is more than excellent. The nursing staff is more than excellent and excellent work is done by the doctors. I am so happy. My special thanks to the nursing staff for the excellent care.


July 19, 2021

Very efficient system. The experience from check-in to paperwork and vaccine was literally “painless.” The staff was friendly and attentive. Very pleased!


July 12, 2021

Everyone working in the vaccination program has demonstrated the most professional care. The treatment I received has been respectful and the staff has shown kindness and the best medical care a person could hope for. Thank you so much!


July 5, 2021

Please accept my thanks for a job well done. I need to say thanks to Dr. Daniel J. Messina and the wonderful staff of RUMC. I have been living healthy and happily vaccinated with my two doses of Pfizer vaccine since January 14, 2021. The reason I delayed sending a thank you is because I continued to monitor myself thinking I better make sure this worked out so well for me, and it did! I had no adverse reaction or anything I could complain about and with all the hype around getting vaccinated, all I could do was recommend to others, “go to RUMC, call the vaccine line, leave your name, and they will call you back.” I recommended it to everyone and still do; dispelling any hesitation, I reassured everyone who asked me, relaying my good experience there. I don’t recall everyone on a first name basis, but the two medics who inoculated me were terrific and the nurses too. Please extend my appreciation in general to all who participated in my experience.


June 28, 2021

As a teacher and part-time operations manager for NYC Test and Trace, this was by far the BEST experience I’ve had in regards to COVID-19 testing or vaccination. Keep up the great work!


June 21, 2021

I am very grateful that I was able to receive my vaccine at RUMC. The entire staff should be commended for their compassion and help. It was very reassuring. Thank you again and God bless everyone at RUMC for their wonderful help.


June 14, 2021

For the staff at your 1058 Forest Avenue facility,
I love coming here. From the time you are welcomed they take proper precautions such as asking COVID-19 health screening questions and taking temperatures. The facility is always so clean and beautiful. From the doctors to all the staff everyone is so respectful, accommodating, and professional. They always meet your requests. Their phone etiquette is professional. I’m so glad my fiancée told me about this place. I’ve been attending since October and wouldn’t have it any other way, all my needs are met. Excellent service!! The staff such as Ryan, Thomas, the two ladies named Ashley, Dr. Peter, Dr. Diaz, and many others, this is the place to come. Thank you all for your smiles and bedside manner.


June 7, 2021

I just had my baby girl at Richmond University Medical Center and I can say it is the best hospital from my life-long experience. Best care team, best service, and best experience! So much care, so much warmth, just everything beyond my expectations!!!


May 31, 2021

The staff at RUMC was excellent. Everyone was so polite and professional. The two vaccines were done fast due to all the help. God bless all the staff, nurses, doctors, and everyone at RUMC!


May 30, 2021

Thank you for offering the vaccination under difficult circumstances. I appreciate the organization and process to serve the patients. The staff was helpful, caring, and professional.


May 24, 2021

Today was the second vaccine dose for myself and my aunt who is 93 years old. The staff from security at the entrance to check-in personnel and the nurses and EMTs were wonderful. Very caring, compassionate, and professional. We can’t thank you all enough!


May 10, 2021

After hearing stories about extremely long waits in other places, I was thrilled to see how well organized this vaccination site is. Everyone knows how to move things and people along. The icing on the cake is that everyone working here is so pleasant and helpful!

A.V. and Family

May 3, 2021

To everyone at the Center for Cancer Care,

Thank you for all your competent care and optimism. I know my husband had complete confidence in his treatment at RUMC. He was so relieved to get back to you in November for his immunotherapy after being hospitalized at three different hospitals in the past five weeks of his life. We thank you!

P. & N. O.

April 26, 2021

Dear Dr. Messina,

I am writing to commend your entire team on a flawless execution of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution at Richmond University Medical Center! My husband and I were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to receive the Pfizer vaccine. As we approached the entrance to Richmond University Medical Center, there were signs, helpers and security everywhere, guiding and reassuring everyone. After seeing the horrors on TV and the long lines of people waiting in the cold, we were happy to be taken in upon arrival. The system worked incredibly efficiently and everyone involved was kind, patient, and professional. The cooperation and planning were outstanding! We would also like to highlight our encounter with Kathy Giovinazzo, as she was one of the administrators managing the day we were there. Kathy was amazing and helped calm our nerves from the moment we walked in! Thank you so much to you and your entire organization! Job well done!


April 19, 2021

I cannot commend the entire staff enough. I was there to get the COVID-19 vaccine. From the moment the car stopped a security guard came to help me get out and walked me with my cane to the entrance where vaccines were given. There the personnel were efficient, courteous, and caring. God bless them all and those that instructed them.


April 12, 2021

I was fortunate to receive my first Pfizer vaccine the morning of Saturday, February 6 at RUMC. The registration of incoming people with appointments was efficient and professional. I observed people much older than myself who were offered assistance with form completion, non-English translations and general information — all with a smile by RUMC staff. It was evident to me that the staff were present to make this a smooth process for people who may have been struggling just to get to the hospital site. Special mention to Lenny and Denise whom I observed interacting with the seniors and me. The EMTs were a blessing. My vaccine was expertly administered by EMT Pisciotta. So, all in all, I am quite happy with my experience.


April 5, 2021

I stayed at this hospital for 12 days, 9 in SICU. It was near magnificent! I have never stayed at a hospital before and it was the best experience at Richmond University Medical Center! After having a major surgery all the nurses, doctors, surgeons, and staff were very attentive. Even the students are great. The scariest time of my life was handled with such professionalism, care, and eagerness to save me. I recommend this hospital very strongly! Thank you to all the nurses! You are amazing! God bless everyone at RUMC!


March 29, 2021

I have to be alive for my 100 birthday! I needed this vaccine. I really appreciate this more than words can say. Please thank the entire team that allowed me this gift. I am forever grateful.


March 22, 2021

Wonderful facility!! The COVID-19 vaccine distribution process was outstanding. The staff were all courteous and caring, explaining every detail along the way making me feel extremely comfortable. Thank you, Team RUMC!! And keep up the excellent work!


March 15, 2021

Mom is feeling great today. She asked me to tell you how grateful she is. She cannot get over how well organized everything was. From start to finish it was 30 minutes. Each person at every station was so kind and caring. She was always kept at a safe distance from everyone. She said the staff was so good with not only her, but other seniors who were on their own. She is walking on air!


March 8, 2021

I beat COVID-19 through the grace of God. I was in ICU and every single one of the staff members made me feel like it was going to be OK. D Monroe, she’s a transport, she did an amazing job. She treated me with respect and dignity. All my nurses went above and beyond for me and the doctors are wonderful…they are really showing us they are a community hospital. Thank you all.


March 1, 2021

On January 13, I received my COVID-19 vaccination. The staff was so courteous, helpful, and professional that it made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Everyone should feel very proud of the way the staff cared for its patients. It is one more indication of the quality of care patients receive at this outstanding hospital.

P. & F. P.

February 15, 2021

To Diane, Denise, and My Incredible Care Team at RUMC Labor and Delivery,

How do I begin to thank all of you for the incredible care you all provided to us? Our son is beautiful and so healthy. I felt safe and heard during his birth.

Diane, I will never forget you. You are an incredible nurse and I am so grateful for you. My labor was hard, but your care made an impact. When you said, “I’m not leaving you until your pain is under control,” I felt so much better and when I was being taken back for my C-section, you were there!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


February 8, 2021

Just wanted to let you know that I came into the hospital for pre-admission testing yesterday, and everyone couldn’t have been kinder and more professional! I was very nervous to be there because of COVID-19 concerns, but your staff did everything they could to put me at ease. It certainly can’t be easy for them to work under the current conditions, but they all are rising to the occasion.


February 1, 2021

Today was probably one of the happiest days of my life! My 95-year-old mom after six weeks in the hospital with COVID-19 and bilateral pneumonia was discharged from the hospital. She is safe and sound, thank God. My mom is home by the grace of God and the miracle workers at Richmond University Medical Center. THANK YOU RUMC!

A Grateful Person

January 15, 2021

Dear Rosemarie (Stazzone),

Abundant blessings as you coordinate the lifesaving vaccine to eradicate COVID-19. My heartfelt love and affection for all you do on all fronts! Abundant blessings today and all the days yet to come!


January 1, 2021

To the Team at RUMC,

My wife was diagnosed with laryngeal (throat) cancer in February of 2020. The medical team at Richmond University Medical Center in fact saved her life. Dr. Christopher Lisi performed emergency surgery to remove a tumor lodged in her throat. Dr. Hoon Lee treated her with radiation, Dr. Maxim Shulimovich treated her with chemotherapy, and Victoria Stazzone provided her with extraordinary and compassionate swallowing therapy.

It’s been a difficult year that is ending with a positive outcome. Her most recent CT PET scan indicated she was “cancer free.” Each of these medical professionals are worth their weight in gold. They have given the gift of life to a person who had a very questionable prognosis.

For those Staten Islanders who think that they have to leave Staten Island for successful cancer treatment…I say…you’re making a mistake. RUMC is as GOOD OR BETTER than any hospital in the metropolitan area if you’re seeking treatment for cancer. It’s not the reputation, location, brick or mortar that produces results, it’s the quality of the professional staff like Lisi, Lee, Shulimovich and Stazzone, who working as a team will continue to save peoples’ lives.

Our entire family will always be grateful to these remarkable human beings for what we regard as a miracle at RUMC.

The Mocio Family

December 1, 2020

From the moment my son John Paul Mocio entered the emergency room at Richmond University Hospital, the skill and dedication of the entire staff and medical team on hand provided a sense of calm at a time when the world as I knew it stopped.

It was the expertise of the nurses and doctors that provided me reassurance, knowing everything possible was being done to help my son. John Paul was treated with the utmost respect combined with sincere compassion and care beyond what I ever imagined. The professionals who took care of us during the entire stay at Richmond University Medical Center—from the Emergency Department staff to the incredible nurses like Aurora, Pam, Maryann, Kevin and all the others of the CCU floor, including the dietary nurse Ginny—made an extremely stressful and scary time much calmer. I also want to thank all the doctors who oversaw my son’s case.
Lastly, I would like to personally thank Dr. Daniel J. Messina and his secretary Tara. John Paul continues to receive exceptional follow-up care and we continue to seek medical expertise regarding this health event. At this time I would like to thank each and every one of you for being there for us. I remain forever grateful to Richmond University Medical Center and the entire staff.

Cynthia Christiano

November 1, 2020

I have worked at RUMC for over 20 years and had to write to commend Dr. Ahmed Dardeir from the Physical Therapy Department. Dr. Dardeir has been treating my granddaughter, Rosemarie DeLuca, since she was eight weeks old.

Rosemarie’s pediatrician referred her to early intervention for torticollis. Since I was unfamiliar with the programs that she was referred to, I called and spoke to Kristine Delgado in the Rehabilitation Department. Kristine was wonderful. She listened to me as I was not sure what, if any, resources early intervention could offer due to Rosemarie’s age and also the COVID-19 pandemic. Kristine explained that she had a therapist whom she felt would be able to treat Rosemarie. I spoke with my daughter, Lisa, and son-in-law and they agreed to give physical therapy a chance.

When we arrived, we all had our temperatures taken, and were asked to complete an infection control screening form. When we were called in for the evaluation, Dr. Dardeir introduced himself, listened to my daughter’s concerns, asked questions, and completed a thorough examination. He explained the process of therapy and set goals. He answered the many questions we had. He was kind, compassionate, gentle, and above all, professional. He took his time which was so important to us, never once making us feel like we were a burden or taking too much of his time. At that time, we knew we were in good hands and trusted Dr. Dardeir and his skills.

On each and every visit, Dr. Dardeir has been a champion for Rosemarie. He has been patient and compassionate with her, stopping and comforting her when needed. He instructed my daughter so she would be able to do the exercises at home with Rosemarie, reinforced the techniques each visit, and praised my daughter for her follow-through with the exercises at home.

Rosemarie was only eight weeks old when she came for the initial evaluation. As you can image, I was nervous and apprehensive, as was my daughter. From the first minute we met with Dr. Dardeir our concerns vanished. We knew he had the best intentions and would treat us as if we were family. Dr. Dardeir has never wavered in his commitment to Rosemarie and my daughter. He has given the best care in the best atmosphere.

Kristine Delgado has also done a wonderful job maintaining a clean, friendly, and professional environment. This was very important to me as I did not want to expose my family to COVID-19. All of the staff that we have had interaction with have been wonderful. Sarina has been great with scheduling appointments, checking us in, doing the temperature checks, and answering questions.

I could praise Dr. Dardeir all day for his kindness, knowledge, professionalism, respect, and the great care given to my family. It has been a pleasure and a great experience dealing with the entire Physical Therapy Department.

Corina Pacheco

October 1, 2020

I was in the emergency room on July 5 because upon slipping at the doorway of my apartment, I leaned on the frame on which my cats scratch their large nails. It was to my pain and surprise when a piece of wood became lodged in my left arm.
I was brought to the emergency room via ambulance with two paramedics, two young women who were very professional and compassionate. I received very good attention from everyone in the emergency room. The doctor approached and very pleasantly and kindly told me they were going to do a CT scan of my arm.

Later the doctor who operated on me was very professional and kind. She treated me
with kindness and took the wood out of my arm. The same kindness was provided to me by the nurse who gave me the tetanus vaccine. Thank you very much for your attention. It’s been a long time since I felt valued as a person, not just as a patient.

Valerie R.

September 2, 2020

Dr. Christopher V. Lisi is the BEST ENT doctor there has been in a long time. He’s so GOOD at what he does! I recommend him HIGHLY to EVERYONE!!

Hassan Sharif

September 1, 2020

My name is Hassan M. Sharif, a patient at the rehabilitation center at Richmond University Medical Center. I was referred to the center by my family doctor for physical therapy due to severe pain in the shoulder, difficulty in stretching and correctly using my left arm, and throbbing pain that resulted in great difficulty sleeping on my left side.

Frankly speaking, I did not expect much could be done. However, after meeting with Kristine Delgado, the director, and Dr. Hassan, who examined my shoulder and sent me for an MRI & X-rays, he recommended three weeks of physical therapy, which was interrupted by closure of the center due to COVID-19.

Once New York City entered Phase 2, I was called back to start my therapy and was referred to a new staff member, Dr. Ahmed Dardeir. Dr. Dardeir met me with a big smile and examined my shoulder. He wasted no time giving several exercises that hit all the affected muscles of my shoulder, including the use of heating pads, weights, hand-foot bicycles and a barrage of other exercises to do at home.
I was impressed with his dedication, professionalism and on top of that, his timing. My shoulder is almost healed. I am still under his care for a couple of more sessions. Dr. Dardeir meets me at the door and walks me out at the end of each session. He is always professional and makes me feel comfortable by taking proper precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Delgado, thank you to you and your staff for your services and the quality job your department provides. And a special thanks to Dr. Ahmed for helping me and the great job he does in your department.

One of the patients I have met was a two-year-old girl, unable to stand or walk. She came with her mother at the same time I came to your office. The little girl became Dr. Dardeir’s special patient. After two weeks of therapy, I saw Dr. Dardeir walking behind that girl as she pushed her walker on her own among the cheers of the girls at the front desk and a mother who could not help her tears of joy.

I am forever grateful for you, your staff, and Dr. Ahmed Dardeir for such good service and dedication. I wish you great success.