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Oncology Center Services For Staten Island, NY

Since our facility first earned the approval of the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons in 1937, Richmond University Medical Center has served Staten Island with a diverse range of oncology services. Our seasoned team includes oncologists, nurse professionals, tumor registrars, pharmacists, therapists, nutritionists, social workers and technologists, and we are fully equipped to treat a wide variety of cancers and cancer-related conditions. For the most comprehensive and compassionate cancer care in the New York City metropolitan area, choose Richmond University Medical Center.

What We Offer

Richmond University Medical Center’s oncology experts will do a thorough assessment into your unique situation before developing a comprehensive course of cancer treatment. And once we have determined the right approach, we will use the latest technology at our disposal to perform any required surgeries or other treatments such as immunotherapy or chemotherapy. After your medical procedures are complete, we will deliver careful assistance all throughout the healing process in order to keep stress to a minimum.

Medical Oncologist

  • Victoria Forte, M.D., Cancer Services Director and Chief of Hematology/Oncology
  • Thomas Forlenza, MD

Oncology Attendings

  • Nisha Lakhi, M.D. Cancer Liason Physician
  • Seetha Murukutla, M.D.
  • Efat Azizi, M.D.
  • Yumi Kim, M.D.
  • Mahmoud H. Aly, M.D.
  • Shamim Salman, M.D.
  • Rumana Sultan, M.D.
  • Abihirami Vivekanandarajah, M.D.

Specialized Cancer Services

In addition to general oncology services, RUMC also offers a variety of specialized services designed to address specific cancer-related issues. 

Advanced Diagnosis
If you have yet to receive a concrete diagnosis, our cancer care specialists offer various diagnostic services, including:

  • A full range of laboratory services
  • X-Ray Imaging services
  • CAT scan
  • Mammography
  • MRI
  • PET scan

Pediatric Oncology
RUMC’s pediatric oncology staff is among the best in the field when it comes to treating childhood cancers and returning patients back to full health.

Pediatric Oncologist:

  • Mario Peichev, M.D.

Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy, which employs high-energy radiation to damage tumor DNA and thus kills cancer cells, is used widely in cancer treatment around the world.

A linear accelerator (LINAC) customizes high energy x-rays or electrons to conform to a tumor’s shape and destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal tissue. It features several built-in safety measures to ensure that it will not deliver a higher dose than prescribed and is routinely checked by a medical physicist to ensure it is working properly.

HDR Brachytherapy is a powerful form of internally delivered radiation therapy that destroys many types of cancers including skin, cervical, prostate and breast. HDR Brachytherapy can be used as a standalone treatment or after a tumor has been surgically removed to eliminate any remaining cancerous cells.

Radiation Oncologists:

  • Marc T. Adams, M.D., Director of Radiation Oncology
  • Hoon Lee, M.D., Radiation Oncology

Breast Imaging and Surgery
The RUMC Breast and Women’s Center, located at 1161 Victory Blvd features a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art breast imaging technology required for the diagnosis of breast disease. The center will provide on-site 3-D mammography, breast ultrasound, stereotactic and ultrasound biopsy. Breast MRI is available off-site. The center also encompasses our breast surgery practice which offers consultations and breast cancer navigation services.

Breast Imaging Services include:

  • 3-D Screening Mammography
  • 3-D Diagnostic Mammography
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
  • Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy
  • Breast MRI & MRI Biopsy (available at 355 Bard Avenue)

Breast Care and Surgery Services Include:

  • Expert Breast Cancer Consultation
  • Evaluation of Benign Breast Disease
  • High Risk Evaluation and Surveillance
  • Genetic Testing
  • Lumpectomy (Breast Preserving Surgery)
  • Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy
  • Immediate Reconstruction for Mastectomy
  • Multidisciplinary Expert Cancer Treatment Planning
  • Oncoplastic Lumpectomy and Mastectomy for optimal cosmetic results
  • Breast Navigation Services (provide patient support and facilitate coordination of care for patients)
  • Integrative Approach to Cancer Care
  • Access to Research and Clinical Trials

Colon Cancer Treatment
If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with colon cancer, it is critical to understand the disease and your options for treatment at Richmond University Medical Center.

Lung Cancer Treatment
If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lung cancer, the Oncology Department at Richmond University Medical Center offers comprehensive lung cancer treatment to ensure Staten Island residents receive the best care possible.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment
The Oncology Department at Richmond University Medical Center offers a variety of thyroid cancer treatment options to address the disease with surgical and nonsurgical care. 
Family Care and Support Programs
Cancer diagnosis and treatment can take an emotional toll, but RUMC can connect both you and your family members with services that offer the comfort and support you need as you navigate the cancer treatment process. Services include:

  • Behavioral health services
  • Counseling, education and support
  • Discharge planning, home care and hospice referrals
  • Pastoral care
  • Community agency referrals

Learn More about Cancer Care at RUMC

Conveniently located at 1000 South Avenue in Staten Island , RUMC’s Center for Cancer Care offers comprehensive oncology services to help guide you from diagnosis to recovery as comfortably as possible. Call 844-516-6585 for more information about oncology at RUMC, or reach out to your current physician for a referral.
As a resource, you can visit the NY State Department of Health’s interactive map that determines the amount of cancer cases predicted to be found within a small geographic area, as well as the actual occurring rates. 

Celebrating Over 80 Years of Accreditation

Richmond University Medical Center is proud to have been awarded Three-Year Accreditation with commendation by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer, marking over 80 consecutive years of the Commission’s approval. This prestigious accreditation marks our facility’s commitment to excellence in cancer care, while the commendation signifies that Richmond University Medical Center actively exceeds the Commission’s high standards.

Learn More about Cancer Care at RUMC.

Conveniently located at 1000 South Avenue in Staten Island. RUMC’s Center for Cancer Care offers comprehensive oncology services to help guide you from diagnosis to recovery as comfortably as possible. Call (844)-516-6585 for more information about oncology at RUMC, or reach out to your current physician for a referral.

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