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Effective July 18, 2023

I. Inpatient Care Areas:

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Two parents/support persons may visit during designated visiting hours.
  • Pediatrics: Two parents/clearly designated support people may be with the child at all times.
  • Inpatient Child Psychiatry: contact unit for time, one parent/guardian per day.
  • Labor & Delivery: Two support persons, including doula can be present with the patient in labor. On the day of delivery if the mother tests positive the support person will be tested on-site and must have a negative test and be asymptomatic.  
  • Maternity: No more than two persons at bedside at any given time.  Visitors outside of support persons must comply with hospital visitation guidelines. Visiting times are between 1pm-3pm and 4pm–8pm.
  • Patients with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities, Cognitive Impairments, Dementia: two support people may remain through their hospitalization.
  • Outpatients Clinics, Pre-Natal Clinic:
    • Pediatric patients are to be accompanied by one parent or guardian.
    • Adult patients may have accompaniment of one person.
  • Ambulatory Surgery & Same Day Surgery:
    • 1 adult visitor/escort may wait for the patient in the designated waiting area
  • Emergency Department: 1 visitor per adult patient, 2 visitors per pediatric patient (parents or caregivers only). 

* Visitation may be limited or restricted at certain times due to overall activity/capacity in the ED.

  • Intensive Care Unit: 2 persons may visit during visiting hours 12:00pm-8:00pm
  • Medical Surgical Units: 1 person per patient for double occupancy rooms and 2 people for single occupancy rooms visiting hours 12:00pm-8:00pm
  • Adult Psychiatric Unit: 1 person during visiting hours 2:00pm–3:00pm and 7:00pm-8:00pm
  • Covid positive patients will be allowed one visitor at a time. Visitation hours will be limited to 12:00pm to 8:00pm to allow for staff availability for providing education to those visitors.

II. Process:

  • On entrance to the hospital, the visitor is to check in at the information desk.
  • The visitor will provide photo ID and inform the receptionist who they will be visiting.
  • A sticker will be issued and is to be affixed to their shirt in full visibility.
  • Children/siblings may accompany parents for OB/prenatal appointments.
  • Visitors are to limit waiting in the hospital common areas.

III. Key Points

  • At any time, the number of visitors may be restricted.
  • Visitor restrictions based on the visitors Covid Vaccination status are NO longer in effect.
  • All visitors must be screened at the Information Desk in the Main Lobby.
  • Visitors must be 12 years of age or older.
  • Any visitor showing signs of illness will be asked to leave immediately and not permitted to visit.

Equal Visitation Policy: Patients have the right to designate any visitors, including a spouse, domestic partner, a same-sex domestic partner, another family member or a friend. Richmond University Medical Center does not restrict, limit or otherwise deny visitation privileges based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. All visitors designated by the patient or support person where appropriate shall enjoy visitation privileges that are no more restrictive than those that immediate family members would enjoy.  Patients may withdraw or deny consent to visitation to anyone at any time. Visitation hours may vary.  

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