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Hospital Visitation Policy

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Effective Monday, August 23

All visitors must be fully vaccinated (two weeks past final dose of COVID-19 vaccine) and provide proof
All visitors must be screened at the Information Desk in Main Lobby
Any visitor showing signs of illness will be asked to leave immediately and/or not permitted to visit
Visiting is permitted for age 18 and over between 1pm and 6pm unless otherwise designated
Visitors must adhere Visitor Sticker to their outer shirt/jacket in full view
At any time, the number of visitors may be restricted on any unit

I. Inpatient Care Areas:

  • MICU/Medical/Surgical/Coronary – One person can visit at a time during designated visiting hours.
  • Adult Medical/Surgical Units: One person can visit at a time during designated visiting hours.
  • *Pediatric units: Two designated support persons may be present with the patient at all times.
  • *Maternity and Labor & Delivery units: Two support persons, including doula, may be present with the patient.  
  • *Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Two parent/support persons during designated visiting hours.
    *During visiting hours from 1pm – 6pm the total number of persons at the bedside must not exceed 2.

Outpatient Areas

  • ED, Outpatients Clinics, and Pre-Natal Clinic: Pediatric patients are to be accompanied by one parent or guardian. Adult patients may have accompaniment of one person.
  • Ambulatory Surgery and Same Day Surgery: Pediatric patients are to be accompanied by one parent or guardian.  Adult patients may have accompaniment of one person in certain situations.
  • Patients with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), cognitive impairments, dementia, one support person may remain through their hospitalization.
  • Behavioral Health Units: Call the unit for visiting hours.

II. Process

  • On entrance to the hospital, the visitor is to check in at the information desk.
  • The visitor will provide photo ID, proof of vaccination and inform the receptionist who they will be visiting.
  • A sticker will be issued and is to be affixed to their shirt in full visibility.
  • The visitor will receive instructions on hand washing, mask wearing and their temperature will be taken.

III. Key Points

  • Children/siblings may accompany parent’s for specialized appointments i.e. OB/prenatal, pediatric. All children must wear a surgical mask.
  • Video/FaceTime visits for COVID positive patients may be arranged by calling patient relations department, 718-818-4340
  • Families are suggested to coordinate visiting times with other family members/visitors.
  • Additional visitors are not permitted to wait in the hospital.
  • Visitor must wear surgical mask (can be provided by staff) when in the hospital. No cloth masks
  • Visitors are required to return their visitor sticker to the information desk in the main lobby when leaving the building.
  • Situations involving end-of-life will be handled on a case by case basis.

Download the policy here.