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Our Mission

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We the staff of Human Resources are proud to share a long-standing tradition of excellence at Richmond University Medical Center. We uphold the mission by providing premier quality patient care through a full spectrum of emergent, acute, primary, behavioral health and educational services, and value the pride and integrity that motivate us to always be more, and always be better. We are committed to our mission and values because WE CARE! We are Welcoming, Energized, Compassionate, Advocates, Respectful and Excellent in our interaction with our patients, families, visitors and co-workers.


W We are welcoming and gracious toward each other, and toward all who come to receive our services.

E Personnel are energized for quality, creativity, commitment and teamwork.

C Compassion is the way we share deep concern and care toward each person.

A Advocacy is our activity that promotes the rights and responsibilities of patients, families, and staff, in the hospital setting and in the community.

R We show respect by recognizing the basic dignity of every person in all our interactions and in the formulation of policies and procedures.

E Excellence is our way of demonstrating that we can always be more and always be better.