Family Doctor - Staten Island, NY


We are located at 800 Castleton Avenue, Staten Island, NY  10310

Thank you for choosing Richmond University Medical Center for your medical care.  We look forward to a partnership where our team of healthcare professionals will deliver quality care and give you the tools you need for living a healthy life.  Richmond University Medical Center is a recognized Patient Centered Medical Home and offers a team-based approach to care.  In addition to your primary care physician, we have health professionals who will coordinate your care and keep you on track.  Our clerks, medical assistants, registered nurses and coordinators will work as a team to provide quality evidence-based care.  Evidenced based care means that we use nationally recognized standards and guidelines that have been successful in helping patients reach their health goals.   We will educate you on ways to self-manage your health and teach you the tools you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We offer an extensive scope of services.   In addition to your primary care doctor, we have specialists available for specific medical treatment if needed.  Your doctor may refer you to our team of medical and behavioral health specialists when needed and our staff will provide coordinated care of your appointments with other physicians.  Our services include:

Well Visits * Annual Physicals * Cancer Screenings * Screenings for Alcoholism, Substance Abuse & Depression * Chronic Care Management for Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Asthma and High Cholesterol * Immunizations * HIV Testing and Treatment

We have the following specialists on site:

Nephrologists * Urologists * Endocrinologists * Cardiologists * Pulmonologists * Gastroenterologists * Nutritionists * Oncologists * Surgeons * Neurologists * Orthopedists * Ophthalmologists * Gereontologists *


Our Office Hours are:

Adult Primary Care

Mon, Thurs & Fri:   8:30am - 4:30pm

Tues & Wed: 8:30am - 8:00pm


For Infants-Children-Teens Primary Care

Mon, Wed & Fri:  8:30am – 4:30pm

Tues:  8:30am – 7:30pm

Thurs: 8:30am-6pm

Sat:  8:30am – 12:30pm


For appointments:

Call 718-818-4570

Same Day Appointments are Available


To speak with a physician:

If you have questions or concerns, you may speak with a member of our team during or after business hours.


For Adults:   CALL  718-818-2095

For Infants, Children & Teenagers: CALL  718-818-1080


Remember to always call 911 for emergencies.


We provide care to the insured and uninsured.  Richmond University Medical Center accepts most commercial and managed care insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid fee for service and managed care programs. We recognize that there are times when patients in need of care will have difficulty paying for the services provided.  Richmond University Medical Center’s Financial Assistance Program provides discounts to qualifying individuals based on your income.  In addition, we can help you apply for free or low-cost insurance if you qualify.  Just contact our Financial Counselor at 718-818=2289 or 718-818-2330 or go to  the Financial Assistance office at 355 Bard Avenue, Staten Island, NY for free, confidential assistance.


The Patient Portal is an online tool where you can:

View your health records

Ask routine questions

Request appointments and other services

It’s as simple as providing an email address.  You will be automatically registered in the portal and will receive a welcome email explaining how the portal works.

FOR NEW PATIENTS:  If you are currently under a the care of a primary care physician, but would like to have your medical care provided by Richmond University Medical Center, you can consent to have your medical records transferred to the patient centered medical home.  Please click the link below to obtain the required consent form.  Provide the completed and signed consent form to your current physician.



Take the MTA bus S46 and S96 to the corner of Davis Avenue and Castleton Avenue

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