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Clinical Research Services

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  • Single point of contact for budgets, contracts, regulatory and patient recruitment. Ability to execute Master Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (MCDA), standardized budget and Master Clinical Trials Agreement (MCTA) with sponsors.
  • Centralized processing of all aspects of clinical trials, including identifying diligent, well-trained investigators; recruiting, enrolling, and retaining study subjects; planning protocol strategies; preparing and submitting regulatory documents.
  • Database of potential investigators, with quick investigator selection that can match your needs with an appropriate physician(s). 
  • Large patient database to enroll an adequate number of study patients to meet your needs; accomplished by patient database searches, referrals from partner medical practices, advertisements by research team.
  • Experienced research team that includes a research director, administrative director, multiple clinical research coordinators, research associates, administrators, and support staff. Our research team is ready to meet sponsors’ expectations and to fulfill the research needs of study sponsors. 
  • Several hundred board-certified physicians in all the major medical and surgical specialties. 
  • Investigators with vast experience in conducting government and industry-sponsored research. 
  • Strong graduate medical education (GME) programs including residency training, medical students and other academic programs in multiple discipline.
  • Support from highly skilled advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, licensed technologists in all fields, and dedicated ancillary and support staffs. 
  • Research administration committed to advancing medical and scientific knowledge. 
  • Ability to utilize sponsor selected central IRB. Also able to work with other central IRB’s, such as Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB) and IntegReview.