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Nursing in Women’s and Children’s Services

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Maternal Child Health

At RUMC’s Center for Women’s and Children’s Health, we believe childbirth is not only a biological happening, but also a creative act, a social event and a spiritual experience that blends cultural values, beliefs and practices. We offer a full range of birth options and services to ensure that the family’s experience meets and exceeds their expectations. Our nursing staff works in close collaboration with the medical staff to provide families with the finest medical care, rendered with expertise, respect, support and warmth.  
We deliver more than 3,000 babies a year. Our Labor and Delivery Unit is composed of a triage area, birthing rooms, operating rooms, recovery room and a high-risk antepartum area. The unit is staffed with RNs, Techs, Clerks and Nursing Assistants. RUMC also has a Fetal Evaluation Unite that receives referrals from other boroughs.  

  • The 30-bed Maternity Unit focuses on family-centered care. The Newborn Nursery has 36 bassinets. We offer comfortable, private maternity suites for new parents. Our nurses have won the Johnson’s Childbirth Nursing Award for the past four years.  
  • Our 25-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is run by a group of medical experts working as a team, providing a full range of care for infants born sick or premature. The unit is staffed with experienced neonatologists and veteran nursing staff, many of whom are specially certified in Neonatal Intensive Care. The NICU provides not only advanced technology care but also conventional therapy. RUMC is a member of the Vermont-Oxford Network, an international database for neonates with birth weights of less than 1,500 grams. The hospital often shares its morbidity and mortality statistics, as they are exceptional at both the state and national levels.  

Children’s services at RUMC are under the supervision of an excellent medical and nursing staff. The nurses are all PALS certified. Pediatric specialists in surgery, gastroenterology, radiology, orthopedics and oncology, just to name a few, are employed by the hospital. There is a certified three-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  

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