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Nursing in Medical/Surgical Services

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Nursing in Medical/Surgical Units  

Our Medical/Surgical nursing staff provides quality nursing care utilizing a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach. We promote positive physical and psychological outcomes through evidence-based nursing interventions and patient/family education. Through our performance improvement process, data is analyzed and practice changes are implemented with the goal of providing the best possible patient care outcomes.

Seton 3-1: Pre- and Post-operative, Ortho,
Non-acute, Trauma and GYN

34-bed Medical/Surgical unit specializing in the care of pre- and post-operative general surgery, orthopedic, non-acute trauma and GYN patients. Pain management is an important focus, utilizing Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA) pumps and epidural anesthesia to provide the highest level of comfort and enhanced recovery for our patients.

Ventilator Unit: S 3-2

Ventilator Unit is a 10-bed progressive Medical-Surgical Unite designed for the acute care and management of the mechanically ventilated patient. The patient population is made up of young adults age 18 through geriatrics.

Seton 3-2 cares for patients with varying degrees of multi-system conditions, including those with a diagnosis of respiratory failure, pneumonia, exacerbation of COPD and asthma, sepsis, HTN, diabetes and GI bleeds.

Patients may be admitted to the Vent Unit from several patient care areas, including the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Units or a Medical-Surgical Care Unit that does not specialize in the care of mechanically ventilated patients.

RNs, PCTs and Unit Assistants provide direct patient care on a 24-hour basis consistent with a staffing plan. The RN coordinates the multidisciplinary needs of the patient in collaboration with the physician, respiratory therapist, pharmacist, care coordinator, nutritionist, social worker, physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation staff.

Adult Cardiology SLB-4

This 50-bed Medical/Surgical unit specializes in the care of adult cardiology patients. SLB-4 has the capability for up to 32 telemetry patients. There is a Monitor Technician who observes the monitors at all times and reports changes appropriately. The professional nursing staff is competent to perform specific clinical skills related to the patient with cardiac disorders, including dysrhythmia recognition, administration of specific cardiac medications intravenously and cardiac emergency interventions. RUMC is a NYSDOH Designated Stroke Center. Four beds on SLB4 are designated for the care of stroke patients.

Oncology SLB-5

This 36-bed Medical/Surgical unit specializes in the care of adult oncology patients, including those who need chemotherapy administration, blood transfusions and pain management. A four-chair Ambulatory Oncology unit on SLB-5 operates Monday through Friday.


This 38-bed acute, pulmonary and infections Medical/Surgical unit specializes in the care of adult patients experiencing acute or potentially acute pulmonary or infectious diseases. SLB-6 has the capability of caring for eight mechanically ventilated patients. This is a high-acuity, fast-paced nursing care environment with many advance directive, ethical and end-of-life patients.

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