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Nursing in Critical Care Units

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Each of the two Critical Care Units has a total of 10 beds.

  • Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) has a medical focus
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) has a surgical focus  

We have a total of 20 critical care beds with an average daily census of 20 patients.  

The nurse-to-patient ratio in critical care is 2 to 1. We offer a critical care course and preceptorship to prepare non-critical care nurses to work in our intensive care units. We also have a critical care clinical specialist to assist with the orientation process.  

The critical care units also have ancillary staff members to support the practice of the RN and the care of our patients. Each unit is staffed with a nursing assistant (NA) who, under the direction of the RN, assists with basic care needs. The critical care units have one nurse manager who is responsible for the clinical and administrative functions of the units. The Nurse Manager reports to the Assistant Vice President of Nursing, who reports to the Sr. Vice President of Patient Care Services, Chief Nursing Executive.  

The critical care units also have a Medical Director who is responsible for the medical care of our patients in conjunction with our attending physician and our residents. Physician Assistants in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit provide additional support for care of the critically ill surgical patient. Educational support through our Nursing Education Department is ongoing.  

Our critical care staff has been an active participant in IHI’s “Saving 5 Million Lives Campaign.” Through their active participation, we have successfully implemented a “bundle approach” to the care of patients who are mechanically ventilated and/or have central lines. Our staff’s diligent implementation of these evidence-based practices have resulted in a major reduction of infections and significantly improved outcomes for our patients.  

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