Nursing Services - Staten Island, NY

Quality Care and Nursing Services in Staten Island, NY

Richmond University Medical Center provides outstanding nursing services based on a foundation of excellence and compassion.

Nursing Services

When it comes to nursing services, our philosophy is fundamental - WE CARE: Welcoming, Energized, Compassionate, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence. These principles are at the heart of our nursing practice and inform all of our interactions with patients, doctors, and team members. Our nurses are utilized in departments across the hospital. Whether it's our intensive care unit, or our inpatient adolescent psychiatric services, unique in the borough, our nursing services bring the fundamentals of WE CARE to everything we do.

Patient Care

At Richmond University Medical Center, the patient experience is a top priority. To ensure top-quality care and comfort, we maintain a staff of nursing professionals with training and experience to match their position. Certifications include:

  • Registered Nurses have bachelor's degrees and have passed licensing exams in the State of New York. RNs perform a variety of tasks in the hospital, from assisting physicians to providing palliative care.
  • Licensed Practical Nurses work under the care and supervision of RNs and provide direct care to patients.
  • Intensive Care Unit Nurses are skilled in the high-pressure environment of the ICU, where the level of injury or sickness is often life-threatening. It is a specialized position that requires additional training.
  • Operation Room Nurses assist with surgical proceedings and maintain communication between patient, doctor, and the patient's family. They help the patient before, during, and after surgery.

Our nurse's high level of training allows each hospital unit to function as a prepared, competent team, essential for both emergencies and for everyday care.

Continuing Education and Career Development

Our understanding of the medical profession is constantly changing, and medical professionals must change with it. We offer our nurses a range of opportunities to further their clinical competencies and to grow as both professionals and as individuals. First-year hires receive ongoing support and orientation to help them seamlessly acclimate to the team. Even long-tenured employees believe in our culture of continuous improvement, as we seek to constantly learn to be better than the day before.

Richmond University Medical Center is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare, providing nursing services and more for the people of Staten Island and beyond. Our broad range of services makes us a complete medical center for everything you and your family need.