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Preparing for Your Mammogram

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On the day of your mammogram:

  • No dietary changes are necessary and you should take any medications or supplements as usual
  • Be aware that if you are menstruating, your breasts may be more sensitive to the pressure applied during the mammogram
  • Do not wear body powder, cream, deodorant, or lotion on your chest or underarms the day of the test. These substances may interfere with the images

When you arrive for the mammogram, you should share the following information with your technician:

  • Any changes or issues that may have developed in your breasts
  • Any family or personal history of breast cancer
  • Any hormone treatments, or prior surgeries
  • If you are pregnant or think you may be
  • If your previous mammograms were not performed at our Comprehensive Breast and Imaging Center, please bring a copy of the results or have them sent before you arrive. This allows our radiologists to compare the images with your latest results.

Before you enter the exam suite:

  • You will be asked to remove all clothing above the waist
  • You will be given a hospital gown to wear
  • You will also be asked to remove all jewelry

During Your Mammogram:

Your mammogram will be performed in our sensory exam suites. The suites feature soothing images and sounds that have been clinically proven to help patients feel more relaxed:

  • The technician will place your breast between two supports. The supports will be gently pressed together, flattening the breast. This is necessary to obtain the clearest possible picture.
  • You may feel some discomfort, but it will only last a short time while the mammogram is taken. If you feel that the pressure on your breast is too great, let your technician know.
  • The digital images will be examined for clarity and visible abnormalities. Additional images may be requested. If more images are needed, it does not necessarily mean there is cause for concern.
  • The entire exam takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.

After Your Mammogram:

  • Once your mammogram is complete you may notice a temporary skin discoloration or mild discomfort as a result of the compression. You will be able to resume your usual activities immediately.
  • The results of your mammogram will be given to your primary care physician, who will discuss the results with you and if further tests are recommended.
  • If you do not hear about your test findings within 10 working days, do not assume your results are normal, call your doctor to make sure.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment at Richmond University Medical Center’s Comprehensive Breast and Imaging Center, call (718)-818-1161, option 2 today.