Urology | Staten Island, NY

The Urology Center of Excellence in Staten Island, NY

Under the direction of Joseph Motta, M.D., the Urology Center of Excellence treats urologic diseases and conditions that affect both male and female adult patients. The Center houses a state-of-the-art shock wave lithotripsy and a new cysto-endourology suite. It’s located at the hospital’s main campus at 355 Bard Avenue.

The Urology Center of Excellence treats conditions including

  • adrenal and kidney diseases
  • bladder conditions
  • prostate problems
  • medical and surgical management of stones

We are pleased to offer less invasive treatments for many conditions.

Shock Wave Lithotripsy
for Treatment of Kidney Stones

In this completely noninvasive form of treatment, an energy source generates a shock wave directed at a urinary stone within the kidney or ureter. Shock waves are transmitted to the patient either through a water bath, which the patient is placed in, or using a water-filled cushion that is placed against the skin. Ultrasound or fluoroscopy is used to locate the stone and focus the shock waves. The repeated force caused by the shock waves fragments the stone into small pieces. This procedure is most often performed under heavy sedation, although general anesthesia is sometimes used. Once the treatment is completed, the small stone particles then pass down the ureter and are eventually urinated away. In certain cases, a stent may need to be placed up the ureter just prior to the procedure to assist in stone fragment passage.

Certain types of stone (cystine, calcium oxalate monohydrate) are resistant to Shock Wave Lithotripsy and usually require another treatment. In addition, larger stones (generally greater than 2.5 centimeters) may break into large pieces that can still block the kidney. Stones located in the lower portion of the kidney also have a decreased chance of passage.

Cysto-Endourology Suite

Cystoscopy enables the doctor to take a direct look inside your bladder through a small camera inserted through the urethra. It is a common test used to look for causes of bleeding in the urine and some other bladder problems.

Reaching the Urology Center of Excellence

Patients can be referred to the Center by their physician. To reach the Center directly, call 718-818-2426.

To use Richmond University Medical Center’s Physician Referral Service, simply click on Find A Doctor or call 800-422-8798.