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Joint Replacement Surgery

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Joint Replacement Surgery on Staten Island, NY

Joint pain and stiffness can affect a person’s comfort, mobility, and ability to perform their daily activities. Patients experiencing severe joint pain caused by arthritis, wear and tear, or another condition may find that joint replacement surgery is the best option for them.

Richmond University Medical Center on Staten Island, NY, is an award-winning healthcare facility providing comprehensive medical and surgical care, including joint replacement surgery and other orthopedic services. Learn more about joint replacement surgery at Richmond University Medical Center.

When Is Joint Replacement Surgery Necessary?

Joint replacement surgery, or arthroplasty, is a type of orthopedic surgery in which a surgeon replaces a damaged joint with an artificial joint, usually made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. Joint replacement is most often done on hips, knees, and shoulders, but it can also be done on other joints such as elbows and ankles. Surgeons will usually perform a total joint replacement, in which they replace the entire joint, but sometimes partial joint replacements can be done to replace only the damaged part of the joint.

The Importance of Joint Replacement Surgery

Why is joint replacement surgery necessary? Over time, joints wear down and the cartilage between bones is damaged, which causes patients to feel pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the affected joint. This situation can impact the quality of their daily lives. Joints can wear down for a variety of reasons, whether from regular movement or certain conditions, such as:

  • Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Fractures in the hip or knees
  • Joint abnormalities such as hip dysplasia
  • Previous joint injuries
  • Joint infections
  • Avascular necrosis (lack of blood supply to the bone)
  • Other rare conditions such as osteonecrosis (disrupted blood flow to part of a bone

Physicians will often first recommend less invasive measures to try to treat the pain in joints, such as medication, physical therapy, or lifestyle modifications such as weight loss. However, when these more conservative methods do not provide relief, the next step is often joint replacement surgery.

Patients can discuss their pain levels with their physician and ask if joint replacement surgery is a suitable treatment option for their joint pain.

How to Prepare for a Joint Replacement Surgery

If a physician has recommended joint replacement surgery, the patient will want to know what to expect. In the weeks before surgery, the medical team will make sure the patient is prepared and healthy enough for surgery by checking their general health and running any necessary tests.

Patients should ask surgeons any questions they may have regarding joint replacement surgery, including possible risks and complications. This is also the time to plan for recovery by arranging for rides and help at home and obtaining assistive items

What Does a Joint Replacement Surgery Entail?

Once the patient is properly prepared and ready for surgery, they will head to the hospital on the scheduled date. Joint replacement surgery generally takes only a few hours to complete.

The patient will first be given anesthesia, either local or general, so they will not feel pain during the procedure. The orthopedic surgeon will then make an incision near the affected area and remove the damaged joint and affected cartilage.

The technique used will depend on which joint is being replaced and how badly it is damaged, but it can be done with minimally invasive or traditional, open surgery methods. The surgeon then places the new artificial joint, or prosthesis, in its place and closes the incision with stitches, staples, or surgical glue. The joint will then be bandaged and wrapped to protect the incision. Some patients may also need a brace or a sling.

What Does Recovery After Surgery Look Like?

Once the surgery is completed, the patient will be taken to a recovery room and may have to stay in the hospital for a day or two. Other times, they may be released the same day. Most patients will experience some pain in the replaced joint after surgery as the tissues are healing, but the pain should resolve within a few months. The full recovery process for a joint replacement surgery depends on which joint was replaced and what procedure was used. It is important to follow all the surgeon’s instructions about post-operative care, including:

  • Avoiding physical activity for the first few weeks
  • Icing and elevating the joint
  • Attending any prescribed physical therapy
  • Completing home exercise programs as prescribed
  • Using a walking aid such as a cane or walker
  • Keeping the incision covered and clean

Getting used to the new joint may take some time, but once it is fully healed, the patient will experience significant pain relief and get back to their daily activities. For the majority of patients, total joint replacement surgery can serve as a lifelong solution for arthritis pain in the hip or knee.

Joint Replacement Surgery at Richmond University Medical Center

Patients living in the Staten Island, NY, area in search of joint replacement surgery should look no further than Richmond University Medical Center. Joint replacement is one of the orthopedic unit’s main specialties, so patients can trust they will be well taken care of. The dedicated and experienced team of orthopedic surgeons is trained in a wide selection of specialties and sub-specialties, including:

The surgeons have the experience necessary to replace the joint properly. Richmond University Medical Center also provides designated orthopedic patient rooms where patients can recover after their procedures in a comfortable and helpful environment. For more information about joint replacement surgery at Richmond University Medical Center, review the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Brochure.

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Do not continue living in pain from joint problems— ask your physician about a joint replacement surgery today. Richmond University Medical Center is here to serve patients on Staten Island with high-quality, multi-specialty medical services, including joint replacement surgery. To learn more about orthopedic services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.