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Neurocritcal Care

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Neurocritcal Care

When patients are faced with a severe brain or spinal disease, they have unique needs that need to be met. That’s where the highly skilled medical professionals at Richmond University Medical Center come in. Located at 355 Bard Avenue in Staten Island, NY, the hospital’s neurocritical care unit is equipped to care for patients from initial diagnosis and treatment to recovery and rehabilitation.

Brain And Spinal Conditions

Patients may require neurocritical care for a variety of conditions. Many need special medication and pre- and post-operative attention, as well as help with managing everyday tasks, such as eating, communicating and grooming. Some examples of conditions seen by RUMC’s neurocritical ICU include:

Brain hemorrhages (bleeding)
Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
Brain tumors
Neuromuscular disorders
Other life-threatening neurological illnesses/disorders

Comprehensive Treatment

Most brain and spinal cord infections, injuries and diseases will require intensive care management in a neurocritical care unit. The neurological team collaborates closely with one another to develop a management plan that’s personalized to every patient’s individual needs. Thanks to Richmond’s ongoing education and training resources, the latest research and treatment methods are constantly being made available.

Learn More

Learn more about neurocritical care for patients with severe brain and spinal conditions in NYC – and receive additional information for patients and visitors – by contacting Richmond University Medical Center today.