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Herniated Discs

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Herniated Discs

There are multiple ways to treat a herniated disc, and the neurologists at the Richmond University Medical Center are dedicated to finding the right method for your individual case. Using experience and state-of-the-art tools, our talented neurosurgeons can help remedy your pain and repair the herniated disc. Conveniently located just north of Castleton Avenue on 355 Bard Avenue, the Brain and Spine Center is easily accessible for residents of Staten Island and the greater NYC area.

Understanding Herniated Discs

Most spinal columns are made up of about 33 vertebrae, otherwise known as the backbone. Between each vertebrae is a disc, which acts as a soft cushion to absorb the impact of movement. The discs are filled with a gel-like substance. When one ruptures, it’s called a herniated disc.

This common spinal condition can occur from wear and tear or from injury, such as heavy lifting. Both types cause cracks or tears in the disc, which force the gel to rupture. As a result, the patient may experience intense pain, numbness and stiff or weak muscles.

Herniated Disc Treatment In NYC

A herniated disc can be treated with various medications and injections. However, if leg pain persists for more than four weeks and the patient also experiences weakness, loss of mobility and heightened sensitivity, then he or she may require surgery. If the herniated disc interferes with daily life, even with medication, then neurosurgeons may decide it’s best to intervene. The most effective surgical procedure for cases like this is a discectomy.

Additionally, our experienced team is prepared to do emergency surgery in the event that cauda equine syndrome occurs, which is a rare condition marked by dangerous pressure and swelling of the nerves at the bottom of the spinal cord. Without surgical intervention, these patients risk paralysis and a host of neurological and physical impairments.

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Living with a herniated disc is difficult, so let Richmond University Medical Center provide the treatment you need. Contact us today to start developing a customized care plan for your unique situation.