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Metastatic Tumors

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Metastatic Tumors

At Richmond University Medical Center, our team of neurosurgeons can tackle both benign and malignant tumors of varying types and severity. Before formulating a treatment plan, our professionals will carefully assess the situation, taking your personal needs into consideration, to make certain we’re choosing the right treatment tactics.

What Are Metastatic Tumors?

The word “tumor” is a relatively broad term that refers to an abnormal mass in the body. Tumors can either be benign, which means they’re noncancerous and relatively simple to treat, or malignant, a term that refers to cancerous tumors. Malignant tumors often prove more resistant to treatment than their benign counterparts, and many are known to spread to other parts of the body. These tumors that have ventured away from their original site of origin are known as metastatic tumors – not to be confused with locally advanced cancer, which refers to cancers that have expanded to include only tissues and lymph nodes near the point of origin.

When metastatic tumors find their way to nearby organs/areas, the process is known as regional metastasis. Cancer that spreads farther throughout the body is classified as distant metastasis. And regardless of where any given cancer has spread, it’s continually referred to as cancer of the original organ.


The treatment goal for patients dealing with metastatic cancer is often to slow the cancer’s spread. Naturally, the specific treatment approach used will vary based on a variety of factors, including its location, the area of origin, the size of the tumors and more. Common treatment methods for brain tumors include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Many times, the process will involve a combination of these methods, while other situations may see the seasoned neurosurgeons of the Richmond Brain and Spine Center employing more advanced methods.

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