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Gliomas – Richmond University Medical Center

The expert team of neurosurgeons at Richmond University Medical Center is fully prepared to address a wide range of cancerous and noncancerous brain tumors, including gliomas. After diagnosis, our doctors will develop a carefully personalized treatment plan based on your unique situation. If you’re seeking professional, efficient tumor care in the New York City metropolitan area, get in touch with Richmond University Medical Center today.

What Are Gliomas?

The term “glioma” is a broad word that refers to several types of tumors created from glial cells. According to the American Brain Tumor Association, gliomas represent nearly 75% of all malignant tumors. There are three primary types of gliomas:

  • Astrocytomas develop from connective tissue cells known as astrocytes and can be found in both adults and children. They make up nearly 75% of all gliomas.
  • Ependymomas which form from ependymal cells, are relatively rare, although they’re more common in younger children.
  • Oligodendrogliomas are developed from oligodendrocytes, which are supportive tissue cells typically located in the cerebrum. These tumors are more common in men.

Glioma symptoms vary based on each unique situation, but common signs might include headaches, problems with vision, nausea/vomiting and issues with brain function, including confusion and memory impairment.


Glioma treatment depends on the grade of the tumor – grades I and II are considered low-grade tumors, while grades III and IV are high-grade gliomas – as well as several other variables, such as location. At Richmond University Medical Center, our neurosurgeons will choose a treatment path suited precisely to your circumstances. Most glioma patients can expect some combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, although certain conditions may allow the use of more innovative, multidisciplinary tactics.

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