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Partial Hospital Program

After receiving inpatient treatment for a behavioral health condition, it can take some time to transition back to day-to-day life. To help patients complete this transition as successfully as possible, Richmond University Medical Center provides a partial hospitalization program in Staten Island offering short-term mental health services for interim support. With care from highly trained, compassionate professionals and individualized treatment, you’ll have the tools needed to leave inpatient care and return to family, friends and your everyday activities.

Better Outcomes through Personalized Care

All of our care at the partial hospitalization program is customized specifically to your individual needs. This special attention will make your treatment more effective and help alleviate any complications that you are experiencing. Our services are administered by an interdisciplinary team of nurses, social workers and psychiatrists who bring extensive experience and unique perspectives to each patient’s treatment. Working with these individuals will create a comprehensive treatment plan to address your specific concerns and identify areas for support.

We also encourage involvement from your family so they are aware of your situation and can provide assistance when needed. The program is conveniently located at The Center for Integrative Behavioral Medicine at 1130 South Ave, Staten Island, NY, 10314 on the grounds of the Hilton Garden Inn, making it easy for you and your loved ones to attend. Going through this transition can be difficult, but you can rest assured knowing that you will not be alone during the process.

Treatment Options

The Bridges to Wellness program offers a few different treatment methods that allow you to adjust from inpatient treatment to the outside world. Some of these treatment methods include:

  • Medication Evaluation and Management: If you are prescribed medication to help treat your condition, your care team will ensure that you are taking the correct dosage at the appropriate times.
  • Group Therapy – Discussing your experiences with other people who have been through similar challenges can be an effective way to gain insight and improve your mental health. Our group therapy sessions are focused on coping skills that you’ll need when transitioning back to work, school, outpatient treatment and everyday life.
  • Individual Therapy – One-on-one sessions allow you to work directly with a behavioral health specialist.

Our team will coordinate with you to create a therapeutic environment where you can feel comfortable and achieve the highest quality of care to support long-term recovery.

Duration of Treatment

The partial hospitalization program delivers short-term assistance that allows you to return home at a comfortable pace. Patients participate five days a week for one to six weeks, depending on their needs. Program hours are 9-4p.m.

Additionally, the Bridges to Wellness program is designed to promote successful completion. Participants who are unable to drive can access transportation services that pick you up and drop you off before and after treatment. To learn more about transportation and other accommodations, email

Make a Smooth Transition

Adjusting to daily life after inpatient treatment can be challenging, and it’s important to receive the support needed to make the transition a successful one. To learn more about the Bridges to Wellness program, call 718-818-6814. For additional information on behavioral health services at Richmond University Medical Center, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, contact The Center for Integrative Behavioral Medicine today at 718-818-6132.

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