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Pre-School Education Services

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Early Learning Services / UPK

Preschool programs are available for children ages 2 to 4 from families that meet federal income guidelines. Children will develop intellectual and social skills guided by a nationally recognized curriculum, further enriched by cultural and technological resources. Children also receive mental health, medical, and social services, while parents are offered a wide range of support services.

The Elizabeth W. Pouch Center for Special People, located at 657 Castleton Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301, is a New York State Department of Education (NYC DOE) approved evaluation site for the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). As directed by the NYC DOE, evaluations are available for children specifically within the age range of 2 years and 4 months through 4 years and 8 months.

Please contact 718-818-6575 to learn more if you are interested in a CPSE evaluation.

Head Start: The First Head Start Program on Staten Island

Staten Island’s first Head Start program is also the first Head Start program in the country provided through the support and administration of a full-service hospital, Richmond University Medical Center. Head Start promotes school readiness for children ages two to five from low-income families.

About the Curriculum

Head Start begins preparing children for kindergarten from the time they enter the program until graduation day. Head Start uses a research-based curriculum called High Scope. High Scope’s active learning model provides inclusive experiences for children with and without disabilities, allowing children at all levels to succeed.

Along with the High Scope curriculum, Head Start utilizes an ongoing assessment tool called the Child Observation Record or COR. This COR data is analyzed three times per year by our School Readiness Team to assess the trends in our schools. This approach allows the team to review the data to ensure the Common Core standards and key developmental indicators, along with the Head Start framework, are met in the classrooms.

Family Engagement

Our program takes great pride in its ability to connect with parents by engaging them with their child’s education as well as empowering them to be the best advocates possible for themselves and their children. It is done through the unique way of forming a partnership with the entire family, including:

  • Group work with a focus on parenting skills, stress management, and crisis intervention
  • A dedicated women’s empowerment group
  • A dedicated men’s group
  • Workshops with speakers on mental health, special educational needs, nutrition, housing, immigration, legal issues, and child abuse prevention
  • The opportunity to enroll in ESL and/or GED classes

We know that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. School Readiness Teams are also formed comprising parents and program staff who review educational outcomes and implement strategies to assure that the highest quality of services is provided.

How to Get Started

The Head Start program and Universal Pre-Kindergarten are offered at four locations in Staten Island:

Dongan Hills Center
44 Dongan Hills Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10306
Kingsley Center
10 Kingsley Place
Staten Island, NY 10301
Osgood Center
16 Osgood Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10304
Port Richmond Center
166 Lockman Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10303
Hours: All sites are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.