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Podiatric Residency Program at Richmond University Medical Center

The Podiatric Residency at Richmond University is a three-year program with RRA and has 2 Residents at each level. The program has a primarily surgical focus which provides recent graduates with the opportunity to gather extensive experiences in the conditions associated with a general podiatric medical and surgical practice. Within the program, Residents will have extensive exposure to trauma, reconstructive procedures, wound care, basic podiatry, and will study advanced and related sciences essential for the practice of Podiatric medicine and surgery.

The Podiatric Residency Training Program is designed to:

  • Provide an opportunity for supervised advanced clinical experience in the recognition and management of foot and ankle pathology.
  • Emphasize he relationship of the basic sciences to clinical practice by affording the opportunities to study and utilize the complete physical record of the patient before, during, and after podiatric treatment.
  • Familiarize the podiatric resident with the hospital procedure, the scope and functions of other divisions of health services, with an emphasis on the importance of working within a multidisciplinary team for the common interest of the patient.


Training rotations are designed to give the Resident graded experiences and responsibility in the management of patient and recognition and understanding of clinical entities. The Residents will be given an educational program on the post graduate level which will emphasize the basic and clinical sciences. Instruction will be provided primarily by the medical, surgical, and podiatric staff members of Richmond University Medical Center.

In the third year, Residents will spend 2 months in Baltimore at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics, a world renowned limb deformity and correction center.

Sample Schedule:

JulyPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric Surgery
AugustInternal MedicinePodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryBaltimorePodiatry/Podiatric Surgery
SeptemberInternal MedicinePodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryBaltimorePodiatry/Podiatric Surgery
OctoberPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryInternal MedicinePodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPathology
NovemberPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryInternal MedicineRadiologyPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryBaltimore
DecemberERPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric Surgery RadiologyPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryBaltimore
JanuaryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryERBehavioral Health (2 wks)Podiatric Surgery (2 wks)Podiatry/Podiatric Surgery (2 wks)Behavioral Health (2 wks)PathologyPodiatry/Podiatric Surgery
FebruaryInfectious DiseasePodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryGeneral SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric Surgery
MarchPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryInfectious DiseaseVascular Surgery Podiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric Surgery
AprilAnesthesiaPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryGeneral SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric Surgery
MayPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryAnesthesiaPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryVascular SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric Surgery
JunePodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryPodiatry/Podiatric SurgeryElectiveElective

Salary and Benefits

Educational Benefits:

Educational Funding: $450
Board Review in 3rd year: $1500
Conference Fund: $800
Uniform Stipend: $450

Other Benefits:

12 weeks unpaid maternity
9 weeks paid maternity
6 paid holidays
5 interview days
5 sick days
4 weeks paid vacation
3 days professional conference for PGY 3
3 personal days
2 days for step 3 exam
2 paid paternity days


PGY 1: $61,178.34
PGY 2: $66,370.53
PGY 3: $71,777.57

Contact Information

Michael Piccarelli, DPM: Program Director
Francesca Granato: Program Coordinator