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Robotic da Vinci Surgical Systems

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Robotic da Vinci Surgical Systems in Staten Island, NY

Advances in surgical technology provide patients with a very different experience than in the past. Traditional open surgery, in which a surgeon operates with handheld instruments through a large incision made near the affected area, is no longer the most effective approach. Robotic surgery is an innovative technology that enhances the capabilities of surgeons, allowing them to work more precisely and efficiently.

Treating patients in the Staten Island, NY, area, Richmond University Medical Center remains at the forefront of robotic medicine. The experienced robotic surgery team is pleased to offer patients advanced treatment options using the da Vinci surgical system, including the da Vinci Xi.

About the da Vinci Surgical System

Robotic-assisted surgery with the da Vinci surgical system is designed to enhance surgeons’ abilities to perform minimally invasive surgery procedures with precision and accuracy. Every day, trained surgeons perform surgical procedures with assistance from the da Vinci surgical system. Its safety and efficacy are well-known and highly revered in the medical industry.

Da Vinci surgical system setup with all three components

The system consists of three main components, each playing a pivotal role in the surgical procedure:

Surgeon’s Console

Although it is referred to as robotic surgery, qualified surgeons are still in control when using the da Vinci surgical system. Surgeons are present in the operating room, seated at the da Vinci system console.

The surgeon’s console provides the operating physician complete control of surgical instruments while looking at the patient’s anatomy on a magnified, high-definition 3D viewing monitor. The surgeon’s console offers views of the surgical area that are magnified 10 times compared to what the human eye sees

Patient Cart

Positioned alongside the bed where the patient will be operated on, the cart holds the camera and appropriate surgical instruments needed for the procedure. At the command of the surgeon, instruments move with a superior range of motion for precise action. Built-in tremor-filtration technology enables each instrument to be maneuvered with elite precision.

Vision Cart

Surgical procedures often are a collaborative effort. The vision cart houses a video screen that provides healthcare professionals in the room with a clear image of what is happening during the surgery. The vision cart also makes communication between components possible and supports the 3D, high-definition vision system.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Systems Used at Richmond University Medical Center

Da Vinci surgical system patient cart

To assist physicians in their efforts to provide patients with the best quality care and smooth recoveries, Richmond University Medical Center is proud to use the da Vinci Xi system. Learn what makes this technology ideal for robotic surgery:

Da Vinci Xi

With setup automation and guidance, the da Vinci Xi system is a flexible and versatile robotic-assisted system that can be used to perform a wide range of surgical procedures. While using the da Vinci Xi system, the surgeon’s hand movements are precisely mimicked in real time.

With highly magnified, 3D, and high-definition views of the surgical area, surgeons can instruct instruments to bend and rotate at the appropriate angles. The instrument’s size makes it possible for surgeons to operate through only one or a few small incisions, reducing scarring and promoting faster recovery times.

Learn More about Robotic Surgery Today

Richmond University Medical Center is dedicated to providing top-quality care to patients with a wide range of medical conditions. To perform procedures accurately and deliver effective treatments, the team employs multiple innovative methods, including robotic surgery.

Richmond University Medical Center is pleased to use the revolutionary da Vinci surgical system. Patients can contact us today to learn more about surgery involving the da Vinci robotic surgery system and whether or not they could benefit from this advanced operating method.