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Inpatient Monitoring

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Inpatient Monitoring in Staten Island, NY

Coronary Care Unit  

RUMC’s Coronary Care Unit (CCU) has provided care to heart attack victims and other cardiac patients for many decades. Staffed by an elite team of cardiology nurses, cardiologists, cardiology fellows and medical residents, it provides the patient with immediate, high-quality cardiac care in a warm and compassionate setting. It is located in contiguity to all of RUMC’s specialized cardiac services. .                   

Telemetry Monitoring Unit

This 40 bed specialty unit provides for the care of patients with a variety of cardiac conditions that require specialized monitoring. It accommodates cardiac patients “stepping down” from the CCU or medical ICU as well as those admitted directly from the emergency department. Cardiology nurses and physicians manage the patient’s cardiac condition from start to finish assuring them specialized cardiac education as well as thoughtful discharge planning. 

Both of these units have received prestigious awards for the cardiology services provided.