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New $40 Million RUMC Surgical Department Nears Completion

October 4, 2023

There is a high degree of anticipation at Richmond University Medical Center, as the construction of a 40,000-square-foot surgical center nears completion. With a price tag of $40 million, the new facility offers Staten Island residents direct access to innovative technologies that are transforming medical practices today. The new surgery department is above the new emergency department, a state-of-the-art facility that opened its doors in 2023.

Embracing Innovations in Surgical Technology and Research

The new surgery center brings technological improvements and additional space to the surgery department. There will be 10 new surgical operating rooms equipped to use the latest advancements in computer-enhanced robotic surgery. In addition, there will be 23 pre-surgical and post-surgical bays available for patients.

This will not only improve the flow of patients in and out of the operating rooms but will help make them more comfortable before and after their procedures. With more room available for patients in the surgery department, medical staff will be able to better monitor and assist patients as they prepare for, and recover from, a variety of surgical interventions.

Research shows robotic surgery can lead to quicker recovery with less pain medication. That is why Richmond University Medical Center is at the forefront of robotic medicine. Surgeons use the da Vinci robotic surgical system for multiple procedures related to bariatric (weight loss), thoracic, hernia, gynecological, urological, and colorectal surgeries. These technical innovations allow for greater precision during surgical procedures, leading to faster recovery rates. Robotic surgical procedures at RUMC help surgical patients by:

  • Reducing pain and complications
  • Minimizing scarring and blood loss
  • Shortening hospital stays
  • Improving recuperation and recovery rates

New Surgery Center Enhances Patient Experiences

A hallmark of the newly designed and constructed Surgery Department at Richmond University Medical Center is the flow built into the plans. The movements of both patients and staff are taken into account, providing logical pathways that facilitate efficiency. This planning may be most apparent with the new Surgery Department’s location above the Emergency Department. Connecting to areas where trauma cases enter the hospital, patients facing life-threatening injuries and emergencies can be more swiftly moved through imaging stations and into surgical suites when necessary.

Of the 10 new operating rooms, four will be for specialty procedures, making innovative surgeries more available to the community. Careful planning includes separate doorways for entering and exiting the operating rooms. The sterile hallway design allows staff to safely move through several procedure rooms without re-scrubbing, an important time saver for emergencies. The new Surgery Department has been designed to help save more patient lives by offering a better connection to the Emergency Department and providing the space for triage, decision-making, and quick action.

Award-Winning Care at Richmond University Medical Center

Ongoing improvements and renovations at Richmond University Medical Center are reflected in the awards and recognitions the hospital receives. These include recognition from the American College of Surgeons related to the care of patients with cancer, adult and pediatric trauma protocols, and bariatric surgery. Richmond University Medical Center also carries an accreditation for the care of trauma patients from the New York State Department of Health.

The expansion and upgrades built into the new Surgery Department will make the da Vinci robotic surgical system more widely available to the community. The system translate the surgeon’s hand movements with greater precision during surgery. Not only are smaller movements enabled with this technology, but also a greater range of motion. Fewer incisions are required, which helps promote faster recovery and healing.

Improved magnification and high-definition, three-dimensional views available with this technology also greatly assist surgeons as they work more efficiently and accurately during robotic surgical procedures.

 The surgery department at Richmond University Medical Center provides additional resources for patients, where they can learn more about specific procedures and new technologies.

New Surgery Center Improves Experience

The new Surgery Department at Richmond University Medical Center was planned to improve the health of the community and expand life-saving services. It is also designed to help improve the experience of both patients and medical staff. More natural light is available in the rooms and hallways of the new construction. The goal is to create a peaceful, calming atmosphere for patients.

Richmond University Medical Center also expects that medical staff will be energized by the logical procedural and patient flows built into the design. Rooms are fitted with the newest technology for sterilizing procedural spaces, caring for recovering patients, and getting to crucial services quickly.

Find Outstanding Care at Richmond University Medical Center

Richmond University Medical Center is a not-for-profit healthcare provider serving the ethnically diverse community of Staten Island and its neighbors. We provide premier quality patient care through a full spectrum of emergent, acute, primary, behavioral health, and educational services. For more information about the new surgery center at Richmond University Medical Center, contact us today.