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5 Reasons to Make a New Year’s Resolution to Quit Smoking

December 21, 2021
Cigarette Being Smoked

As the New Year approaches, it is an opportunity for a fresh start. Many people use this clean slate to make positive changes within their own life. If you are trying to decide which change you should make in your life, quitting smoking should be at the top of the list. Richmond University Medical Center is happy to help our patients achieve this goal. Here are five reasons why quitting is the best way to start the New Year.

1. Improve Your Overall Health

The single most effective step a smoker can make to improve the length and quality of their life is to quit smoking. Once you decide to quit, your body then begins the process of repairing the damage caused by smoking. While quitting earlier in life is better for you, it is never too late to improve your health.

2. Add Money to Your Wallet

Over a year, smoking a pack of cigarettes per day can be extremely expensive. Prices of cigarettes vary depending on where you live, but they are on the rise year after year. Even if you are only paying $5 per pack, one pack a day will cost you $1,825 each year. The money you are spending could be better utilized elsewhere or collecting interest in your bank account. More so, as you continue to smoke, your medical bills are likely to increase due to the conditions caused by smoking.

3. Live a More Convenient Life

With more and more states and cities passing laws to make bars, restaurants, and other public places smoke-free, smoking has become a hassle. Constantly having to go outside, sometimes in less than ideal weather, can be tiring. Once you quit smoking, you can go outside when you want to, not when you need to.

4. Protect Your Loved Ones

No matter the age or health status, secondhand smoke can be just as harmful as the smoke inhaled by the smoker. Children who are around secondhand smoke are more likely to get chest colds and ear infections. When you quit smoking, not only will you breathe easier, but the people around you will as well.

5. Enjoy a Better Social Life

Smoking on a regular basis can speed up the aging process. Regular smokers may experience changes in their skin, such as a leathery texture and deep wrinkles. Plus, cigarettes emit an odor, which can turn away friends and loved ones. Once you quit smoking, you will no longer carry the scent of smoke on your clothes or in your hair, which may result in you becoming more confident. Plus, your home will no longer have the aroma of smoke, allowing you to host friends and family who may have been reluctant to come over.

Get the Help You Need in Staten Island, New York

When you quit smoking, you, your bank account, and those around you will feel the positive effects that come with it. At Richmond University Medical Center, we are dedicated to keeping patients in Staten Island, NY, healthy and living their best life, and we do this through an exceptional and comprehensive tobacco cessation program. To find out more about the program, click here.