Wellness Center - Staten Island

Wellness Center in Staten Island

RUMC's Women's Comprehensive Center is open and now offers
Acupuncture, Stress Management, Health/Wellness Coaching & Ongoing Yoga Classes. 

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The Amboy Medical Practice and Women’s Comprehensive Center is an all-in-one wellness center for women’s health. The center includes a variety of offerings that start with traditional women’s health care: well-woman visits, menopausal care, adolescent care, contraception, osteoporosis screening and treatment, obstetrical care, and cancer screening. Patients will also find an array of programs at the wellness center that focus on well-being, including nutrition, stress management, yoga, massage, acupuncture, reflexology, and exercise counseling.

“We want to focus not just on finding disease, but finding health,” said Michael Moretti, M.D., and Chair of the OB/GYN Department at Richmond University Medical Center. His plan to achieve this goal for patients at the new Women's Comprehensive Center involves an integrated approach. “Our concept is dealing with the whole person,” he explains. “We approach the patient on all levels — physical, spiritual, cellular.” In addition to Dr. Moretti, the wellness center’s staff includes Sonya Moretti, a certified women’s health nurse practitioner (and Dr. Moretti’s wife); an endocrinologist; primary care physicians; a cardiologist; and a midwife.

A Focus on Obesity, Pregnancy, and Menopause

There’s a particular need for the wellness center because of the obesity epidemic in this country and on Staten Island. Obesity can cause adverse effects during pregnancy, Dr. Moretti says. “Women who are overweight have a higher risk for a whole set of pregnancy complications: miscarriage, diabetes, and hypertension during pregnancy, and preterm labor. We want to address those issues before pregnancy if we can — or, if not, then during pregnancy, with diet and exercise and close monitoring.”

The Island is also in need of comprehensive menopausal care because menopause significantly affects a woman’s health and can even determine her longevity. The wellness center offers traditional screening and treatments for hot flashes, sleeplessness, and bone loss. “We do want to deal with that in a traditional way, but also have an integrated approach with supplements, exercises, and diets to manage these patients,” says Dr. Moretti, who has certification in menopausal care. “Sonya also has a lot of experience in all forms of gynecologic care, menopausal care and sexual dysfunction in all age groups.”

The wellness center will also address Staten Island’s health needs by seeing all women, including the well insured and the underinsured. “No matter what their socioeconomic background, all women will be accommodated here,” Dr. Moretti says. “We hope this will be a place where all women can come, not just with problems that can be treated or for their deliveries, but also to find health and longevity.”

When you meet with a stress management specialist at the wellness center, you will learn to identify your stress triggers and to pay attention to signals your body gives you. Once you are more in tune with what is causing you stress and how you react to stress overload, you can begin to work on strategies that work to reduce the ill effects of stress.

Stress techniques are highly individualized and framed around your unique needs. Utilizing strategies such as progressive muscle relaxation, breath work, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, problem solving, communication and cognitive work, you can create your plan of action.

You determine what resiliency tools work best for you and begin to practice skills that elicit the relaxation response. It is through this process that you can feel a positive shift in your body, mind, and spirit as you deal with life’s stressors.

What is stress?

Stress occurs when you feel like you have to handle more than you think you can. It is your reaction to all the demands of life and the “wear and tear” that occurs from the challenges and responsibilities we all face on a daily basis. Some stress is actually good for you and can help you stay motivated. But it is the ongoing “feeling of being overwhelmed” with chronic stress that can cause serious health issues.

Chronic Stress

Although stress can come from traffic jams, noise, lack of sleep, or job demands, your body responds the same as if it were in danger. You will experience the “fight or flight” response as your body releases hormones that try to help you through the crisis. Those hormones speed up your heart rate, breathing becomes more rapid and shallow, and your body gets a burst of energy. This is good for a short-term solution, but if the stress is ongoing, it backfires and causes illness.

Bodily Reactions to Chronic Stress

The hormones that are released to help you on the short-term can wreak havoc when your body continuously releases them. People who have chronic stress without ways to manage that stress will get gastrointestinal problems, disrupted sleep, or high blood pressure. The hormones being released hold onto fats and sugar in our body, which leads to diabetes and cardiac disease. Our specialist at the wellness center will help you find the right management techniques to overcome chronic stress and prevent illness.