SUNY Downstate Medical Center General Surgical

SUNY Downstate Medical Center General Surgical Residency Program

Integrated site: Richmond University Medical Center

Number of slots: 45 for the entire program; approximately 10-12 rotational slots for RUMC.

Antonio Alfonso, M.D., Chairman, Department of Surgery, SUNY Downstate.

Lisa Dresner, M.D., Program Director
Michael Bernstein, M.D., Associate Program Director, RUMC Site Program Director

Alexander Schwartman, M.D., Associate Program Director

Natasha Sagal, MS, MSA, Surgical Residency Coordinator


Requirements: All interested parties should contact the SUNY Downstate Medical Center Department of Surgery for more information. 

Department of Surgery
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
450 Clarkson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203