Meet Our Anesthesiologists | Staten Island, NY

Meet Our Anesthesiologists in Staten Island, NY

At RUMC, our team provides superior anesthesiology services with care and compassion. Every patient is treated with respect and dignity as an individual, not just as another condition or procedure. For more information, visit Richmond Anesthesia.


 Chiwing Auyeung, MD

 Robert Bohnenberger, MD

Pietro Carpenito, MD

Paul Dadic, MD

 Dapeng Fan, MD

John Ferguson, MD
Tie Bo Fu, MD, PhD
Eugene Hyun, MD
 Qi Jiang, MD, PhD

Hei Suk Lee, MD
Zhiwei Li, MD
Manuel Medina, MD
 John Mendiola, MD

Guy Mongelli, MD
Shailesh Pathare, MD
Howard Prusack, MD
 Lilibeth Rubio, MD

Mary Ruggiero, MD
Hak Yong Ryu, MD

 Ting Wang, MD

Deye Wei, MD
Mallikarjuna Yalamanchili, MD