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TD Charitable Foundation Steps Up For RUMC’s Teen Leadership Program

A big shout-out to TD Charitable Foundation for its generous financial support of Teen Leadership, one of RUMC’s flagship student volunteer programs. For almost a decade, Teen Leadership has provided about 400 Staten Island high school students with a chance to serve our patients and community. The eight-week summer program has gained in popularity, too, with a record 80-plus students participating in both 2017 and 2018.  

Teen Leadership Helps Students Develop Skills And Compassion

Colleen Ford, RN, MSN, CCRN-K of RUMC’s Nursing Education Department, launched Teen Leadership in 2010 and continues to shepherd students through the program. “It’s gratifying to see how enthusiastically students respond to the subject matter,” says Colleen. “Through presentations, hands-on experiences, and tours, they can’t help but appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into serving patients and their families.” And “Teen Leadership provides students with opportunities to contribute to the community while helping them develop communication and leadership skills,” says Victoria Orleman, MSN, and assistant vice president of women & children’s services and nursing education.

Teen Leadership also aims to foster a sense of compassion in our students. Some spend a lot of quality time with patients. And small acts of kindness, such as reading to children or playing cards with older patients, can contribute to the healing process.

We Don’t Chain Students To A Desk

Students have the option of working with employees in the Ambulatory Surgery, Radiology, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Biomed, Interventional Radiology, Pediatrics, Outpatient Oncology, Emergency Room, Labor & Delivery, Maternity, Laboratory, or Information Technology departments. But we don’t chain them to a desk for the summer. Participants also get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes view of the hard work required to run a hospital. In addition, hospital representatives from a variety of departments meet with the students and answer questions.

The Program Inspires Students To A Career In Health Care

Teen Leadership has acted as a springboard for students planning on careers in speech language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacology, nursing, and medicine, among other disciplines. Rosemarie Stazzone, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Nursing Officer is “ecstatic to see how successful and inspirational this program has been to assist the teens in their career choices. Many of our teens have made it into med schools, nursing schools, and other higher level healthcare professional schools. Not only do we give the teens the opportunity to explore the different career choices in healthcare, but we provide employment opportunities to them.  We recently hired two registered nurses who completed this program from a few summers ago.”

Another Successful Summer Lies Ahead

We’ve got a great crop of students this year, and we’re looking forward to another successful run. And thanks, again, to TD Charitable Foundation. Grant monies have gone toward supplying students with uniforms, books, and other educational material.

TD Charitable Foundation Steps Up For RUMC’s Teen Leadership Program