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Richmond University Medical Center Unveils Patient Tracker

July 30, 2019- Family and friends of surgical patients at Richmond University Medical Center can now track their loved one’s progress right from their own mobile phone. The hospital unveiled its “Patient Tracker” program last month which sends text messages to approved phones in real time.

The program can be activated when the patient is being prepared for surgery. Medical staff will ask the patient if they would like someone to receive updates during their procedure. If the patient agrees, the patient provides the person’s name, phone number and carrier service. The selected individual will then begin receiving text messages on their device as information is entered into the hospital’s internal patient procedure tracking system. Text messages will be sent in real time, such as “the surgery/procedure has started,” and “your family member/friend has arrived in recovery.”

While standard carrier rates will apply, there are no additional costs for the service. Individuals receiving the text messages do not need to be on hospital grounds to receive messages. Patients can select more than one individual to receive updates. Parents of minors undergoing surgical procedures can request to receive text messages through the service by directly informing hospital staff.

“We want our patients and their loved ones to feel like family when they come to Richmond University Medical Center for care,” president and chief executive officer, Dr. Daniel J. Messina, said. “From quality, state-of-the-art technology and procedures, to providing simple services like patient tracking, it all comes down to ensuring the best patient experience a person can have when they come through our doors.”

Richmond University Medical Center Unveils Patient Tracker