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Richmond University Medical Center Re-Instated As Level II Trauma Center

October 4, 2019 – Reversing a decision made a week ago, today both the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) certified Richmond University Medical Center as a Level II Trauma Center, effective immediately. This designation certifies that the hospital has the appropriately trained medical staff, trauma educators, nurses, equipment and protocols in place to continue treating all adult and pediatric patients in need of trauma care.

Richmond University Medical Center has met all of the necessary requirements to provide trauma services according to ACS and NYS DOH. For full Level I Trauma Center designation, the hospital has been requested to provide additional published research articles and activities which is underway, a distinction between Level I and Level II. The hospital has until June of 2020 to provide the research information, at which point, it will be re-certified as a Level I Center after review by ACS and NYS DOH. Six years ago, Richmond University Medical Center achieved Level 1 Adult Trauma and Pediatric Level II Trauma Center status, making it the first medical facility in New York City to achieve this duel designation.

“I want to thank the American College of Surgeons and the New York State Department of Health for expediting their review and agreeing that our hospital is fully equipped to handle all patients in need of immediate, trauma care, adult and pediatric,” hospital president and chief executive officer, Dr. Daniel J. Messina said. “In one swift decision, both agencies have assured the communities of Staten Island what we have known all along: that the level of trauma care at Richmond University Medical Center continues to be of the highest caliber.”

On September 27th, the trauma designation for the hospital was temporarily reduced to Level III after it was discovered during an ACS survey three months prior that the research component and staff on-call threshold for maxillofacial or microvascular services did not meet Level I standards. The hospital satisfied all other requirements for Level I designation as required by the ACS, requirements that number in the hundreds. The hospital rectified the on-call requirement within days of the ACS’s finding and provided supporting documentation as proof.

However on September 27th, the hospital was informed by NYS DOH that due to documentation showing that both components had still not been addressed, the hospital was being designated as a Level III trauma center. The notice from NYS DOH also stated that while patients in need of maxillofacial or microvascular services would be transported elsewhere, all other trauma patients would still be transported to and could be cared for at Richmond University Medical Center. That same day, the Regional Emergency Medical Services Council of New York City (NYC REMAC) issued a notice stating that effective September 27th, Richmond University Medical Center was no longer an Adult Trauma Center in the New York City Region.

This week, the hospital re-submitted the supporting documentation it had provided three months earlier to ACS regarding the on-call status for maxillofacial or microvascular patients, after which ACS immediately reinstated Richmond University Medical Center as a Level II Trauma Center as did NYS DOH who will inform NYC REMAC of the change in status.

Richmond University Medical Center has served Staten Island for over 100 years and treats the largest number of trauma patients in the borough, many suffering from the most severe injuries including gunshots, stabbings, and additional life-threating injuries and conditions. Throughout its history, Richmond University Medical Center has been recognized numerous times by national organizations for its highly experienced medical staff and quality of care. The Joint Commission, American Hospital Association (AHA), American Heart Association, American Stoke Association, and American College of Surgeons have provided certification and awards to the hospital for its comprehensive services. In July of this year, the hospital was selected from hundreds of health care providers around the country by the AHA, winning the organization’s Quest for Quality Citation of Merit, which was conveyed in San Diego, California.

To meet the increasing needs for the services provide by Richmond University Medical Center, the hospital is in the midst of constructing a new state-of-the-art 35,000 square foot emergency department. When completed in 2021, the new ED will provide private treatment rooms, trauma bays, and specialty areas for pediatrics and urgent care on the ground floor, with the second floor used for new operating rooms and critical care units. Built in 1978 to treat 15,000 people annually, the hospital’s ED currently treats over 60,000 patients every year.

“We are the community’s lifeline during its most dire times,” Messina said. “While reconciling our submission provided three months earlier was very stressful for the team and our community at large, we are proud to have the continued trust of Staten Islanders backed by the full faith and confidence of the American College of Surgeons and the New York State Department of Health.”



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