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Clinical Research Highlights

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Research Highlights
Richmond University Medical Center has numerous ongoing research studies at any given time. The studies give eligible patients access to the latest cutting-edge treatments before they are available to the public.

A. Severe Heart Failure Studies

There is no guaranteed cure for heart failure, but these are studies designed to reduce symptoms and prolong life:

CONNECT-HF is a three arm study of regular hospital treatment through referrals to community services such as the visiting nurse organization compared to a team of healthcare providers who virtually live with patients to oversee diet, activity, medication and more. The third arm of the study is the provision of smartphones with an app that reminds patients of what they need to do through self-care. Richmond University Medical Center is studying this smart phone arm; heart failure patients with smart phones may be eligible for enrollment. Heart failure patients readmitted within 30 days cause the hospital to be financially penalized and these studies are designed to determine which of the three provide the longest remission.

HEART- FID is a study of severe heart failure associated with anemia to determine whether a new preparation of intravenous iron can reverse the anemia and relieve the heart failure. Curing the anemia allows the blood to carry more oxygen to the failing heart muscle.

B.  Bowel Studies
RUMC is beginning a long term study of a new drug to control ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. There are five different studies in this group of diseases, which are similar in the way they start and behave and the same drug is being tested with all the studies. Patients with either of these conditions may be eligible to enroll.

C.The Department also conducts registries of cancer tissue in hospital patients.
There are many other physician initiated research studies, including white coat hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, anion gap in infants, depression in chemotherapy, treatment of pressure ulcers, potassium and glucose levels with dialysis as well as predictions of mortality in the ER.