Orthopedic Surgery | Staten Island, NY

Orthopedic Surgery in Staten Island, NY

S. Bhupathi, M.D., Joint & Trauma Orthopedics Chief

Mark Sherman, M.D., Sports Medicine Orthopedics Chief

Orthopedic surgery is the largest surgical service line offered at Richmond University Medical Center. Each orthopedic surgeon is board-certified with expertise in the various subspecialties. Whether your surgery is the result of a sports injury, simple fall or major trauma, our talented surgeons have the skills to restore you back to your former self. Working with our specialty-trained registered nurses and physical therapists, our surgeons have a full array of support to offer you for a speedy recovery.

C. Srinivasa Bhupathi, M.D.
Nadubeethi Jayaram, M.D.
Mark Brandon, M.D.

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